The 1.10 Profession Grinds

With the 1.10 patch a few new recipes for various professions have begun appearing across Azeroth. What are you grinding for?

There are new enchanting and herb bags that hold 12, 20, and 24 slots. Those 24 slot herb bags are expensive, about ~60 gold in components and the tailor needs Revered status with Cenarion Circle – Revered, but they sure make a difference. There’s a new +25 Agility to two-handed weapons enchant if you get to Friendly status with Timbermaw Furbolgs.

Among the alchemists, the Elixir of Greater Firepower recipe is the new hotness, pulling down over 50 gold each on the Auction House in some cases. The recipe drops off the Dark Iron Taskmasters in Searing Gorge. As a result, 60 level alchemists from across Azeroth are putting a severe beating down on the foul Taskmasters and Slavers. Drops rates vary wildly. Some are seeing the drop within 5 kills, others (like me) are slaughtering hundreds and hundreds to find the elusive recipe.

The other big grind going on is for the Tier 0 (Magister, Devout, Dreadmist, Shadowcraft, Wildheart, Beaststalker, Elements, Lightforge, Valor) gloves. With the new Tier 0.5 gear quests for ‘causal gamers’ in place, the desire to have a Tier 0 set to upgrade to the Tier 0.5 is strong. In the patch, the Tier 0 gloves switch from bind on pickup to bind on equip. These gloves are fetching top dollar at the Auction house. With all the new armor set pieces, the need for new enchants is ramping up as well.

The Tier 0.5 aka Dungeon Set 2 quests are expensive, requiring a wide range of grinding, travel, and purchase of crafted items. This leads to level 60s being all over the place trying to farm components. For example, you’ll find the Bloodsail and Southsea Pirates under heavy assault to give up Volatile Rum, a component of Goblin Rocket Fuel. Previously underutilized, Goblin Rocket Fuel now powers the second phase item, Ectoplasmic Distiller, in the Tier 0.5 quests. Those that enjoy crafting should be pleased by Blizzard’s efforts to create more direct use for character created items.

So get to grinding and get ready for 1.11 which probably will include even more new recipes for things like special bags for Engineering.

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