Death Before Dishonor?

It takes a long time to climb the honor ladder, and these days, most people seem to count on Battlegrounds to give them the boost needed for higher rank, nicer gear and, I guess, realmwide fame (or infamy). But many of those among us who remember what it was like before the so-called honor system was installed miss the days of random world PvP — when giant raids of roaming troublemakers would pick fights in an opposing faction’s hub.

Sure, it still happens, but not to the extent it once did. Why? The concept of the Dishonorable Kill (or DK, which, in this case, doesn’t stand for Dead Kennedys) throws a little disincentive into the mix. Blizzard warns that a DK, existing as a sort of intangible mark on your permanent record, is a bad thing, and that it will count against you when honor is tallied. But how much does killing a random civilian here and there really matter?

Here’s a guy who aimed to find out that exact thing. To slip from rank 11 to rank 1: How long does it take? Complete with an assessment of the current state of world PvP and what Blizzard should do about it.


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