It’s Raining When?

Before the 1.10 patch, Blizzard promoted the forthcoming addition of weather effects to Azeroth. Players with powerful machines looked forward to seeing actuall snowfall in Ironforge, actual rainfall in the rain-forest climate of Stranglethorn Vale; players with underpowered machines worried about the extent to which that might aggravate the lag problems. So what has a fortnight of weather been like?

I’ve witnessed occasional rain in Elwynn Forest, and frequent sandstorms in Tanaris. Friends tell me the snow is beautiful, but I have’t seen any yet (despite extensive work in Winterspring). The skies may be alternating more noticeably between cloudy and clear. Weather seems not to affect lag appreciably.

As one might expect, precipitation (like swimming) magically leaves everything in the game entirely dry. The only impact on gameplay involves visibility; when riding across Tanaris, you’re more likely to bumble into something when the sand is blowing. Apart from that, weather looks like a nice touch, largely irrelevant to players.

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  1. Donut (unregistered) on April 18th, 2006 @ 8:23 am

    Weather will not effect lag – weather is a client side effect. The server tells the client “There is weather X” in about 4 bytes, and the client renders it. If you were to look at two clients side by side showing the same scene – the raindrops would not match. :)

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