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Getting to Haleh without Getting Naked

Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass – take off all your armor to avoid durability loss, run as fast as you can towards the portal, die, res, repeat. Sooner or later you’ll get to Haleh and you’ll have your Drakefire Amulet. Without a full group of 60’s, no other way, right?

Wrong. Despite Blizzard’s attempts to prevent an easier route (such as removing a mob you could autofollow through a tough part of mountain), there’s still a way to Haleh without the use of a portal – no nekkidness required. A simple step by step guide with screenshots shows you how.

Haleh w/o A Portal – Guide

An Unfinished Homeland for a Rumoured Race?

Make of it what you will. A Mok’Nathal homeland? Maybe.

And yes, you’re going to have to be a little patient as our tour guide shows us tediously just how difficult uncrossable mountains can be to … um … cross. To me, it looks like a whole lot of undeveloped virtual property. Lots of blurry browns and repeated placeholder patterns … but maybe others can see bigger possibilities.

Griffon Mount

Pardon me, Sir …
Originally uploaded by grabbingsand.

It was one of those moments.

“Dude,” I heard over TeamSpeak. “You’re still on your griffon.”

What? I landed already.

“No. Really. On my screen, you’re on a griffon. Still. Walking around.”

Take screenshots!

And he did. Four of the better ones are in this Flickr set.

Essential Mod #2

WoW do I ever need this Mod. ntmysFixLoadingTimes improves loading-times between zoning (ie: switching continents, entering/ leaving an instance). This works by preventing numerous events from being processed by the event-handlers during zoning, events that would otherwise update your interface with information that you simply won’t need when you are starring at a loading-screen. Depending on your system and installed addons, zoning will be 5-10 times faster (no kidding: for me as an example, MC loads in 6-8s instead of over 1 minute).

It’s all I can see…


Have I mentioned today how much Shadow Priests Pwn?


Well then, here you go – at 43 in a BG with mostly lvl 47, 48, and 49 I’m the #3 death dealer, and with only one death on my own. Can you say Pwnd?

Leerrooooy Jeeenkiins!! THE MOD

I found my dead horse beating stick so I thought I’d give Leroy one more wack.
The Leeroy Jenkins mod is a game classic and still moves forward in my interface folder despite the fact that it’s ancient and no one ever says it anymore. I just can’t give it up. Sometimes I’ll log onto my wife’s account and party with myself just to hear the call.

When a party member says “Leerrooooy Jeeenkiins!!”, or something similar, the battle cry plays.

For the guild?

What would u do?

Imagine you are in the AH and buy a weapon for75G. Now imagine that the weapon could be relisted and sold for 600G. It’s a rare, double extra good weapon and I won’t be near anything this rare for a long time. It’s best wielded by a rogue or hunter but would make a great off hand weapon for any melee class. Lucky me huh? NOPE, heres why.

1. I could sell it, keep the cash and buy items more suited to my warrior.
2. I could respec fury and dual wield this baby.
3. I could give it to my favorite in guild rogue who always helps me out w/ quests and advice.
4. I could donate it to the guild and have the GM decide where it’s best used.

All of the above options have a huge downside. I made my decision and I’m curious what u would do?

Warcraft Love

Once again, The Onion nails it. Unfortunately, I have this weird feeling that my wife wouldn’t be as impressed with Baby, You Mean The World of Warcraft To Me:

“Darling, no orc can keep me from you. I would make my way into the heart of Moonglade and fight an army of trolls just to be by your side. I would go up against Varimathras, the ruler of the Undead himself, if he so much as hinted that he was a danger to you. Make no mistake, I would get aggro on anyone who would threaten you.

This is, of course, provided the system is not down due to a faulty patch.”

WoW The Letterbox Version

It’s always cool to be a movie snob without the movie but this is actually a screenshot of a really useful mod.

CT_Viewport is a mod that allows you to change your field of view without missing any of the mobs chewing on your toon. This lets you get your interface off your screen and lets you concetrate on why everyone else in your party is dead.

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