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Alliance = Run, run, run?

Having spent almost equal time on Horde and Alliance, I’ve come to notice that the flight paths for Alliance appear fewer and farther apart, especially in contested areas. One example is Stranglethorn Vale: do I really need to fly to Darkshire just so I can get to the northern parts of STV? Why doesn’t Alliance get a mid-zone area, like Grom’Gol?

It probably has more to do with the fact that my Alliance toon is on a PvP server; that run sure seems a lot longer when you’re in constant fear of getting ganked. So what do you think? Are the FPs spread evenly, or do you find yourself chugging along on the ground all too often?

How Big is YOUR Sack…


From the company that suspended people for insinuating that Trolls have snakes in their pants (the guild “twelveinch trousersnake” was force-disbanded and its GM suspended for three days) comes this tidbit which shows that it’s a) always better to do as they say, not as they do, and b) that Blizzard thinks we’re fat geeks, offering an XXL shirt.

Buy those crystals while you can…

Hey folks, the patch 1.11 test realms are live and with them we get news of the new 40 man instance Naxxrammas. As you can see from the image below, attunement looks like it’s going to be pretty expensive. f you’ve got the gold handy I’d recommend buying the crystals before the patch goes live and prices skyrocket.


Alliance vs. Horde: Why We Love Our Faction

If you play World of Warcraft long enough, you get develop a certain amount of personal association with your character – even in a game with very little character customization, your character is yours.

This can lead to all sorts of interesting developments. For instance, you might vigorously defend the virtues of your hunter against the “Hunterz r on EZ” folks at the official forums. You might also claim to be one of the few players with a true appreciation for the gnome race, a personal connection borne from the struggle against constant /pat harassment.

Origin of DKP

Dragon Kill Points or DKP is used to keep track of participation and contribution in raids and is used to distribute loot “fairly”. I always knew it came from Everquest, but Rob Pardo told me that it was originally created by, Thott, the GM of Afterlife. In case you were wondering…


So Sean sent out invites for peeps to contribute to this here weblog. By some twist of fate, I received notification that I am able to do so. Please welcome me, Jimmy Norton, to the Metroblogging Azeroth family!


Although I have only been playing WoW since December 2005, I have annoyed and enraged my co-workers, friends, and significant other with my nonstop talk of DPS, BRD, and WTF. My main is a level 57 NE rogue named Triko on Dalaran that I have been playing constantly in an effort to reach level 60. This will be a significant milestone in my online gaming career for I have never (NEVER) brought a character to end game! My body tingles just thinking of it. Of course, my body may be tingling because it’s been several hours since I’ve logged onto WoW, but it’s nearly time for my meds. I should be OK.

Now, I also have characters on Eitrigg (Glauce, Hum Warlock) and Akama (Bulga, Tauren Warrior), but I spend most of my time on Dalaran in stealth ninja-looting my friends. Hopefully, I will add a humorous yet helpful aspect to Metroblogging Azeroth. Don’t hesitate in dropping me a line if you have any questions.


Rachet is getting a flight point

It’s official. The 1.11 patch notes are up and Rachet is getting a flight point! There’s some other stuff you might be interested in too, but Rachet is getting a flight point.

The Man Behind “More Dots!”


“OK listen the fuck up. You are going to DPS very, very slowly. Now… and by slowly I mean FUCKING slow. If you get aggro, it means you’re going to lose 50 DKP because you didn’t know what the fuck to do. And watch the FUCKING tail.” – Dives, Guild Leader of Wipe Club

Wagner James Au just scored an interview with 22 year old ex-Finnish military Dives, founder of Wipe Club and the raid leader behind that fantastic quote. You’ve heard it, seen it, now you can read all about it. Or lose 50 fucking DKP. Can’t click that link fast enough? Here’s taste: this a good time for a short interview?

Dives: Just woke up and I’m in a slight hangover, so I guess so… I got pissed off at work so I downed half a liter or so of vodka.

Here’s the interview.

The Instance! podcast

I’ve come a little late to this, they’re up to episode 20 already, but The Instance! is a weekly audio show that distills down all the issues of the moment into something a bit more digestable than, say, the general forum on official website. A notable feature of this show is that they have a phone number that people can call to leave messages or ask questions that are played then addressed in the next episode. I’m still catching up on the show, but it sounds very promising.

WoW Lore: Who’s the Evil, now?

Even though not very much implemented and badly supported, the RP aspect of WoW exists. As such, the question must be asked – who are the “bad guys” of WoW?

Trolls, once cannibalistic and brutal, overcame their dietary habits and Vodoo practices to become a Shamanistic and loyal partner to the Horde. Orcs, the abused race whose homeland of Draenor was invaded first by Draenei and later by Sargeras on his pursuit of the Draenei, were first enslaved, then forced to act against their own peaceful and shamanistic ways, later imprisoned by Humans and only freed when Thrall rose from the shackles of the Orcish past. Tauren, another peaceful and nomadic people, plagued by Centaur invasions into their stomping grounds apparently had little to no help from Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, or Gnomes. In their pain, Thrall came to help, and Cairne Bloodhoof built the Tauren’s first fortfied city above Thunder Bluff. Lastly, the Undead. Now, here we have some true opportunism, allegiance due to convenience, and a clear threat of Undercity breaking from the Horde as soon as the Dark Lady’s dark motives are met.

Blood Elves, likewise, aren’t that much of an open book to read. Seeking Magic like a Meth addict a dealer, there is no knowing how far this new ally will go to obtain their Precious.

Humans – advised by a Dragon, sister of Nefarian, and blinded by The Light as much as either ignorant or ambivalent to the dangers of Onyxia, the plight of their native neighbors, the Tauren, picked an alliance with Night Elves, Gnomes, and Dwarves.

Gnomes, exiles of Gnomeregan, infatuated by the might of what would be a planned super-technology center, allowed the radiation to give rise to the Mutant Troggs. Ever the inventors, High Tinker Mekkatorque and his men turned a whole city into one big nuke in an attempt to stem the invasion. Turns out that one didn’t quite work, giving us more infested Troggs all over Azeroth, a green glowing former city, run by the traitor Mekkiner Thermaplugg, and a reason not to trust Gnomes with technology.

Dwarves, a down to earth people, are maybe the true victims of this Alliance. Convinced to be the descendents of the mighty Titans, Dwarves seek nothing more than their own heritage. In this pursuit, mistakes were made that contributed to the expansion of the Burning Legion and powerhold of Sargeras, that might ultimately have destroyed any hope of knowing for sure about the where and when.

Lastly, Night Elves. If there is such a thing as “THE” perpetrator of the Burning Crusade’s deadly reign in Azeroth, it would be the Night Elves lust for power, egomania, and elitism. It was Azshara and Xavius who opened the Dark Portal, lured by Sargeras’ promises to eradicate “unworthy” races from Azeroth. The Highborne, Elves born into nobility, hoped to reap the fruits of what they perceived as their true calling, rulership over and cleansing of Azeroth.

The Draenei fell almost completely for the lure offered by Sargeras. Only a few survived uncorrupted, fleeing from Sargeras across the Universe onto Outland where their presence unltimately doomed the peace loving Orcs which were completely unaware of the danger, unprepared to fight it, and unable to withstand the corruption.

Who are the good guys? Neither Horde nor Alliance are free of past guilt, having doomed whole planets, given power to the Red Dragonflight, turned a city into a nuke, eaten their own, or scheming to develop a new Plague. Is there such a thing as playing a good guy?

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