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DoDcomix Installment 21

Hellscream's Theorem

It is, without much further ado, that I present you with this week’s installment of DoDcomix. Hoern, the depicted Thodt, Amirubey, and others are in the process of leaving Stormrage and moving to a new server, so we might not have installment 22 before the move – but I promise a double feature, if we do :)

After the transfer………

Last night my main, Deadicus made the jump to a new realm, Eitrigg and re joined his old buddy and dueling partner Bolt. The transfer went well and took all of 20 minutes to complete, yahooo.

Now the bad news…….. 6 months worth of interface development and addon fine tuning is UP IN SMOKE. When I started up Dead on Eitrigg all my custom interface, addons and macro preferences got left behind on Stormrage, or at least in the Stormrage folder. I figured out how to move my macro files over and now all 60 of my macros are available. But, I can’t figure out which addon .lua files to move to restore my addpn preferences. I’ve made copies and dropped them in all the folders I can think of with no luck. Anyone got any suggestions for which files need to get moved and to where I should move them?

Before anyone asks…… YES, they are enabled and up to date from todays patch.

Character Transfers Live

Paid Character Transfers hit the WoW homepage today, and I was lucky (?) enough to have a character sitting on one of the available source realms gathering dust. In a moment of extreme jingoism for my new guild, I decided to move him over to Eitrigg, even though he’s level 15 and probably not worth the 25 dollar fee to move him.

However, I’m happy to report that the transfer went extremely smoothly. In spite of two different warnings about how long the transfer would take (One quoted the transfer time as “a few hours”, another said “several days”!), after my credit card was approved, the transfer was made and I found my character sitting on Eitrigg immediately after. Blizzard appears to be covering their asses on the unknown variables.

My personal prediction was that they have a flagging system based on the level, items, and gold sitting on the character during transfer, or if the account owner has a past history. I think it’s a safe bet if the transfer isn’t so immediate, should your transfer request seem less than honorable.

Anyways, I’m just waiting for Kalecgos to make the list of available source realms, i wanna get my 60 mage off there and to a realm where I have friends to run with. My most developed character, and I hardly use him. Pout.

Someone’s Mom.

So for some reason (read laziness) I have left the startup tip on since it’s introduction. There are some funny ones like “There is no Cow level” but usually it’s stuff like shift click this for that…. BUT since the patch the startup tip has been turned over to MOM. No i’m getting tips like go OUTSIDE to play. And eat your vegetables. WTF? I guess this falls under the same category as the beer companies telling me not to drink and drive. But really…outside? Where the heck is that?

For the Horde! Um, For Real This Time!

I’m getting a little antsy with my main, and a little bored with my alts. With the exception of one level 18 Undead Rogue, I have yet to really experience the Horde content. There’s a whole other game over there (so I’ve heard), and I’d love to see what the Bad Guys have in store for me.

So, there’s something I need from you lovely readers: what server should I join?

I ask this only because I don’t make friends very easily when I just drop into a new server; I like to have at least one or two ready-made buds to chat with while I grind up my levels. A kick-ass and friendly social guild might be nice, too. A few caveats: I know I’m going to play a Shaman (only class I have yet to try, even a little), I’m a somewhat busy person and thus casual player, and I get along with anybody who can put a sentence together.

Any suggestions? Anybody want to be my friend? Anybody want to make another alt and enjoy the other side with me?


I’d love it if people could actually be trusted to use the shiny, new, global LookingForGroup channel without abusing it. I know I’m not alone in this desire. It could be a valuable resource, but without responsible self-policing, it’s just a bigger, uglier Barrens Chat.


When you’re as frustrated as I am with the whole nonsense, you need to refrain from using said channel to tell the abusers not to use said channel — or else you’re just as bad as they are, and you’re probably going on my ignore list by around the third time I see your name pop up in that chat window. /w is there for a reason. Use it wisely.

Damn. I’m told that I no longer have any room in my ignore list and I can’t add more names. And they were all added today. Sigh.

Chain of the Scarlet Crusade

My warrior alt has sort of been a side-project that I’ve come to love the more she levels, and with any toon of mine, it seems there’s always a set of gear I absolutely must have.

The Chain of the Scarlet Crusade set is finally mine, complete with Herod’s Shoulder, Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, and a nifty piece I wasn’t aware of, the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, apparently just reintroduced in 1.11 (it drops off of the crazy trainee zerg that comes after you kill Herod).

I’ve been working on this set since my very early 30s, and finally at level 39 it’s all done (just in time for plate, sigh). I’ll probably keep this one in the bank for special occasions (much like I’ve kept the Defias set for sentimental reasons on my 60 hunter), or maybe just because it’s a reminder that I never have to go to Scarlet Monestary again.

Well, we’ll see about that.

Mucho thanks to guildies Cynix and Fors for your help with the ever-elusive leggings, you uber SM-terrorizing fiends, you.


Quick review of the TripleHead2Go


I’ve had my TripleHead2Go adapter for a couple of days now, so it’s about time I wrote a first impressions review…

Let me stand next to your fire.

The Midsummer Fire Festival has arrived on Azeroth, and with it comes a whole new batch of holiday quests.
My favorite of these quests is one that isn’t actually given to you, but that you have to figure out for yourself. (Or someone can tell you how to do it like I’m doing right now.)
You’ll need to touch all three fires in your rival faction’s major cities. As you do this you will capture a bit of their flame. Each of these flames is an item that begins a quest requiring you to turn it in at one of your own major cities. Once you turn in all three of them you’ll be given the [Crown Of The Fire Festival] as a reward.
Like the shoulders, it doesn’t actually do anything, but it sure looks cool.

Patch 1.11 brings love for the G15

The Logitech G15 keyboard was the center of much Warcraft controversy after a player was banned from the game. His story was that they banned him for using a G15 keyboard. Blizzard said he was botting. Elune only knows.

In the latest patch, Blizzard has enabled funtionality of the G15 keyboard, specifically it’s LCD screen directly with the game.


This is the default view of the LCD screen during game play.


The LCD notifies you when you get whispers.


And if you are unlucky enough to be in the queue, it displays the status. I’ve seen that it also tells you if you have been outbid on the Auction House.

The G15 software that allows this functionality is Windows only. Mac users are out of luck until Logitech develops OS X software or unless users want to run WIndows XP on their Intel based Macs.

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