Funny XR PvP story to share,

(first line sung to the Brady Bunch theme)

Here’s a story…. About a lvl 43 Alliance hunter……… Who ventured to the XR with his lvl 60 friends.

As his friends and I and a few other Horde were fighting and dying he made sure to taunt, spit on and laugh at all us Horde, UNFLAGGED of course. After an hour or so and in between battles he must have decided that he needed to explore XR’s interior. He cast “eyes of the beast” on his pet and sent him off to XR’s front gate. DOH!, guess he didn’t realize that when his pet attacks a guard THEY BOTH FLAG.

Intercept, whirlwind and a mortal strike later he wasn’t laughing, spitting, pointing or living. And, just to make sure we all know what type of loser we were dealing with…… The little Alliance sh*t didn’t even show up to claim his body.

lmao, pwned, lrn2shtUrFaceidEothntrloZr

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