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Here Come The Transfers

About 97 people have sent me the link to this screen shot in the last hour or so. Looks like a pretty detailed FAQ on the long awaited character transfers that we’ve all been waiting a long time for. I heard last week from a few inside-blizzard-birdies that these things were “very close” to being ready to happen, so that makes this screenshot a ton more believable – to me at least.

It also confirms my guess that there would be no PvE to PvP transfers offered, but that PvP to PvE would be OK. Other restrictions include obvious limites on gold, xfrs to high pop servers, and things like that. Check it.

UPDATE: Just got two independent confirmations that this is legit, and seems like a final version of something they’d seen earlier. Also, logging into to your account on and clicking the character trasnfer option gives you this message:

“The Character Move feature is currently closed. Please watch for any announcements regarding the availability of Character Move.

We are looking into the possibility of allowing customers more freedom in transferring to realms of their choice in the future. No further details are currently available concerning this feature, but any new information (regarding this or similar services) will be posted on as soon as it is available.”

Which is definitely a new massage, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing this open up any day now. More here

Warlocks ride in single file …

Numerous people have been critical of the new Warlock Tier 3 armour on the official WoW forums, some people have even alluded to the fact that the armour is slightly reminiscent of something they’ve seen before. My advice? Always keep an eye out for Warlocks riding in single file.

Pictures below:

Convention Grinding


So I’m sitting at Supernova and we have a really nice net connection. The panel I was in on was “Massively Multi-Layered: Learning from Virtual Worlds” and there was so much WoW talk I just had to get some grinding in :-)

Addon Watch!

Every couple of weeks or so I go on an addon trawl and what better time to do it when you’re BlizzardPatchDownloader seems to be stuck on 84%?

ChatIgnore – Unfortunately, there are some people in the world you’d rather not listen to, this helps you achieve blissful silence from those annoying people. Right Click on someone’s name and not only do you get a Whisper option, you also get an Ignore.

Eloquence – Quite possibly the most exciting addon, I’ve seen in a while. This is the final solution to 1337 speak etc.

Panza – Finally this is out of Beta, and I’d recommend any healer to check it out. Feature rich is an understatement! Originally written as a Paladin Only addon called ‘Paladin Assistant’, the auto-buff, auto-heal and panic macros are something to be amazed at. The more people who use this the better as this addon speaks to other users and can make the most of healing by initating a co-operative setting. A must try addon.

Fizzwidget’s Linkerator – Not a new addon, but it’s added auto-complete functionality means that users of addons like LootLink/ItemsMatrix/KC_Items/ etc might want to port over to this lovely addon. It basically remembers items you’ve seen and if you type them out in chat e.g. (by typing [light-) it will try and autocomplete and autolink the item for you. If you don’t use the full functionality of those heavyweight item addons, try this one out.


Walk the walk, talk the talk, wear the hat!

Last weekend I achieved something that few people are actually foolish enough to attempt, I finally acquired the Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat!

For those that aren’t in the know, this hat requires you to get a Friendly status with the Bloodsail Pirates just off Booty Bay, unfortunately the downside of this means that you need to be Hated with Booty Bay and indeed all Goblin Towns. This was achieved by killing no less than 1,010 Booty Bay Bruisers.

This hat must be awesome I hear you thinking to yourself. Sadly not, crappy cloth helm with +25 Stam, it does however give you the ability to summon the Blood Parrot, and hence the only reason why I spent several weeks killing guards.

Following the acquisition of this masterpiece Pirate Hat, I took the wonderful oppurtunity to pimp it out to all in Ironforge for an hour, before ganking some Horde with some fellow Guildies and taking charge of a zeppelin (with myself at the helm of course).

Surely, in the game nothing else exists which is more of a waste of time …

That feeling of hitting your head against a (fire)wall …

It’s that time again, everyone has issues downloading the new patch, those that don’t have issues logging on, those that struggle past those hurdles are hit in the face with several hundred addon errors which require several days to remedy as the addon sites are swamped.

I try to be patient at this time in the patching cycle and usually spend my day scrutinising the patch notes for anything that has an impact on my gameplay … Here’s what I have so far:

The good:
A number of items have had their stacking limits increased.
Key rings have been added to the game.
When a Paladin is replaced by their Evil Twin due to transporter malfunction, they can no longer revert to their normal self using divine shield.
Light’s Hope Chapel has been revamped and is now a fully functional quest hub.
New quests available in Zul’Gurub and Light’s Hope Chapel for head and leg resistance enchantments.
Dozens of new quests have been added to Light’s Hope.
Parties and Raids now can mark targets for their party/raid in the gamefield. A party leader or raid leader/assistant can right-click the portrait of their target to select a symbol to associate with that target. All players in the party/raid will see the selected symbol over the head of the target as well as on the portrait of that target.
Players can now turn on the “Target of Target” in the Raid and Party section of the interface options. When this is turned on, anytime a player is in a party or raid, it will show the portrait and health of whatever your current target has targeted.
The Group Loot/Need before Greed dialogue will now show a golden dragon border around Bind on Pickup items.
Illumination: When several critical effect healing spells are cast very quickly, you will now receive the correct mana refund for each one.
New repeatable “turn-in” quests have been added to each of the goblin cities as a vehicle to raise the player’s faction with them (while decreasing the player’s Bloodsail Buccaneer faction)

The Bad:
The Spirit of Zandalar will no longer persist through death.
Darkmoon Fair Card Twisting Nether: If you are Soulstoned, Soulstone will now always take priority over Twisting Nether’s effect.
Divine Favor: It is no longer possible to cast this immediately after a healing spell and “retroactively” make it a critical hit.

The Ugly:
There is now a new raid warning chat channel available to raid leaders and assistants. Text that is sent to this channel will appear in the center of the screen for all players in the raid.
~COUGH~ CT_RaidAssist ripoff. ~COUGH~
Raid leaders now have a Ready Check button on their raid interface. (See above).

I think this the above is real proof that Blizzard are listening and watching players gaming habits, the fact that every guild I’m aware of requires you to have the CT_RaidAssist addon is proof that WoW’s raiding interface is lacking in some respects.

Anyway, is there anything in this patch that just screams out to you? Good or bad … What are your thoughts?

Best Guild URL Ever!

As some folks may know I have a guild called We No. It’s the horde side sister guild of We Know. Anyway, We Know has a website which is basically a front page and a forum and wiki that we both share. That site is which confuses a lot of people who don’t know that websites don’t have to end in “.com” but that’s beside the point. The front of that page is very alliance. The main pages on the forum and wiki are very alliance. But a few levels down there’s crazy horde love going on. Of course this requires digging a few levels down for that and we were increasingly getting messages in game from people who went to our website “but it was just allinace stuff” so we decided we needed our own front page that was horde specific, and would then point to the same content as the We Know site. So we started looking for URL options. was almost picked and we decided on the simpler which seemed like a fantastic idea until I found out I needed to have all kinds of European tax ID info that, not being European, I didn’t have. So it was back to the drawing board. And then Sabocat, the greatest guildie in the history of URL thinking up guildies suggested the best thing ever: which I was almost not able to stop laughing long enough to buy moments later. And I fully expect “.org” to be the new WoW main TLD.


Funny XR PvP story to share,

(first line sung to the Brady Bunch theme)

Here’s a story…. About a lvl 43 Alliance hunter……… Who ventured to the XR with his lvl 60 friends.

As his friends and I and a few other Horde were fighting and dying he made sure to taunt, spit on and laugh at all us Horde, UNFLAGGED of course. After an hour or so and in between battles he must have decided that he needed to explore XR’s interior. He cast “eyes of the beast” on his pet and sent him off to XR’s front gate. DOH!, guess he didn’t realize that when his pet attacks a guard THEY BOTH FLAG.

Intercept, whirlwind and a mortal strike later he wasn’t laughing, spitting, pointing or living. And, just to make sure we all know what type of loser we were dealing with…… The little Alliance sh*t didn’t even show up to claim his body.

lmao, pwned, lrn2shtUrFaceidEothntrloZr

1.11 is here

You’ve been downloading it in batches all week, PTRs went offline yesterday and more than one little birdy told me to day is 1.11 day. Get ready for a day of AddOn errors! W00t!

Nekked Warcraft

Ok I’m sure everyone has wondered. What’s under the last layer of clothes I can’t take off that female night elf? Well sady I have the answer. David Robinson’s World of Warcraft Naked Mod makes all naked bodies of characters and the model of the succubus appear naked with body hair and nipples. Ya I know… I’m gonna Burn in MC for this.

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