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All the way from Un’Goro and a bunch of jerks won’t let in the front door

A level 60 druid kited a Devilsaur all the way from Un’Goro Crater to Orgrimmar. I caught up with it at Crossroads. (Note: the photo set is in exactly the opposite order.) It very nearly got killed outside of Orgimmar by a couple of jerks, but we managed to get them to stop. Once it walked into Orgrimmar and the guards started attacking it, the extra players who also won’t stop were impossible to counter. It must have taken hours to bring it all that way, but less than half a dozen players ruined the experience in minutes.

Official Forums v.2

Blizzard recently announced the beta for the new World of Warcraft forums.

It loads quite quickly (though that could be the relatively smaller volume of posts and users on the new system). It looks very nice, too.

Most notably, the character avatars are updated, with new images for different class/level/race combinations.

As with all betas, a little bit of a bug has crept in, specifically on the character choice screen (which lets you pick which character you’d like to post as): it shows all of your alts, even the ones you’ve long since deleted.

Inside the Dalaran Bubble


Over on the official Eitrigg Realm WoW forums a hunter named Bann from the guild Lords of Camage has posted an image from inside the Dalaran Bubble. Apparently he stood very near the wall and his pet ran inside of the Bubble, so he used Eyes of the Beast to see what was inside. Turns out nothing is in there (yet) but it’s kind of cool to see this forbidden area none the less.

Flickr Delisting WOW screenshots?

Slashdot is reporting that Flickr is delisting screenshots from online worlds, most notably WOW and Second Life because their content is “non-photographic”. Sorry guys, I have to disagree. Just because the subject matter in the shot is virtual, there’s still an art to setting up a good screenshot. Turning off the interface, rotating the point of view just right, setting your screen to its highest resolution and depth, it’s just like setting the ISO and shutter and aperture on a film or digital camera, just in a different space.

Of course, I don’t to add to the FUD right off the bat, as some of my shots are still in my photostream, but if this is going on, we’re gonna need to be raising a ruckus.

Paladins no longer forced to heal in endgame, world explodes.

A couple of months back I was invited into an Onyxia pick-up group. Being a glutton for punishment I signed up, but to my surprise we managed to down her on our first attempt. Since then our group has been doing weekly Onyxia raids, and have been one-shotting her every week. Last week however, we decided to ramp the difficulty up a bit and had our paladin tank Ony.
We managed to down her on the second try (our healers all got feared on the first) and the Knights Of Arcadia accomplished a Dark Iron first.
This just goes to show you that end-game is whatever you want it to be. Next up, Ragnaros.

WoW Crackdown in May: 30k Banned

So, the news is that 30,000 accounts being banned in May for gold-farming led to a loss of 30 million gold across all realms. That only comes to 1,000 gold per banned account on average. This number causes a bit of an eyebrow raise for being fairly low, in my opinion. Considering the amount of work needed to make 1,000 gold without breaking the rules, what are players doing that is so much more efficient than just levelling up and constantly running Dire Maul or Strat? I would probably only count myself as being a casual player when it comes to playing time, and I believe that with a realignment of priorities I could make 1,000 gold with relative ease. I’m interested in hearing from other high level players and what their own hourly gold rates are when they start taking the WoW economy seriously, without trying to cheat it.



Given that I’ve already posted a triple-head screen shot, this dual-head shot is a bit of an anti-climax, but I’ve been trying to play on two screens while I wait for the TripleHead2Go to arrive in Australia (at a 30% premium on the US price, sods) and I thought you all might be interested in some of things I’ve been doing to cope with the break in the centre of the desktop…

Should I be worried?

When my significant other’s character pops up in a blog entry about a 30+ Single Gamers’ Club?

My angel is a centerfold. /sniff

The Last New Zone (For a While)

I took a brief break from my many alts weekend to play my main for a while. His name is Curb, and he is a gnome.

Mages can be rather frustrating to play. There are small gaps in the spell selections where a mage’s abilities don’t quite measure up to the enemies he fights, and this caused me to drop him for a few months at a time. I took up the spellbook again to grind him a little higher (level 54 now), and to take a visit to the last new zone: Silithus.

WoW gang!

So, Sean became pretty famous for his blog gang sign… naturally, it was only a matter of time before WoW had it’s own. I was out to dinner tonight, and the discussion of gang signs came up (unfortunately, no one at the table could actually remember how to make “blog” with our fingers, so we started trying easier things). The WoW gang sign was born. Thanks, Kevin!

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