Like a lot of guilds, my guild decided to wait on Naxxramas in favor of continuing to work on the optional bosses and C’Thun in AQ40. Finally, this past week we decided to venture forth and see what all the fuss was about. First of all, the two boss fights we’ve done so far are awesome. The move towards more involved encounters that require movement and attention from every member of your raid — not just the healers and tanks — is a nice one. This is a trend continued and improved upon from AQ40; fights like the Twin Emps and C’Thun were like nothing else I’d done in WoW and required a level of coordination and awareness I hadn’t seen before.

Anub’Rekhan went down first, unfortunately due to work aggro I wasn’t in the raid that night. Instructor Razuvious was next, and I’d like to share a little timeline, if you will, of learning the encounter…

Sometimes you just have to walk in and wipe for no good reason to really get the blood pumping.

And then wipe, and wipe… and wipe. And wipe.

And hopefully the lewt gods will anoint your trash with epix…

After the obligatory ‘OMG we just used all our consumables WTF!’ attempt, success!

Thank you, lewt gods, for rewarding the priests who make this encounter possible.

The real fun in the Instructor fight was listening to our priests on Vent. You could tell they were totally into doing something other than being healbots for once, and having a great time at it. Some of our priests had never played a warrior before though, so it was cute to listen to our tanks talk to them about positioning and taunting.

I say the real fun, because as far as my role as a hunter was concerned, it was pretty much:

strafe – pew pew pew – strafe strafe – pew pew pew – omfg priests are all dead wtfcheetahrun

Except for that last time, of course.

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