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Shaman: The First Ten Levels

You might recall, gentle reader, how I sought a new place and a new race. My desire to explore Horde content is not abated by Scourge invasions and fireworks – I have a new class to learn!

My new character is Stibbins, on Eitrigg. He is a shaman, or shammy, in the parlance of our times. I had very little knowledge of this class. I knew that a) they drop totems and b) they enrage the Alliance.

I did zero research. I want the shammy to show me what it can do, not some loudmouth in the forums.

Getting up to speed, part III (updated)


I ran Zul’Gurub last night, my first raid. It was a facinating experience. Mostly I stayed up the back and tried not to be noticed, but I am reliably informed that my healing was helpful. That said, I’ve identified a number of things I can do to help more with such raids…

Details and the update after the jump.

TripleHead2GO Review Followup


I’ve had my TH2G for a little over three weeks now. I’ve been using it heavily, and Matrox have released a couple of updates, so it’s time for a follow up.

First up, I commented that the quality of the image was such that 3D gaming was fine, but serious work was not. I had two problems, squiggly vertical lines and the horizontal width of the picture was not enough to go across the whole screen, causing vertical bands of fuzzy text on LCD monitors. The former was address with software that was bundled with the TH2G (remember, I didn’t install any at first). The latter was address more recently with a patch you can request. The picture is now work-friendly.

Using WoW, however, with the default layout on a triple-head system is a little neck-unfriendly. This can be fixed using MoveAnything — I’ve dragged all the important combat-related data to the center screen. You can see the new layout in the image I’m about to post in my next entry.

Getting up to speed, part II

I have abandoned my quest for “tier 0.5”, otherwise known as Dungeon Set 2. This article outlines pretty much all the problems with it.


•The Looking For Group channel is now defaulted off. Players will need to join the channel to access it. (/join LFG)


OK maybe it’s just me but I’m laughin’

Lvl 3 Medic LFG!

morehealers.pngA bit of HL2/WOW convergence from the brilliantly twisted mind of Christopher Livingston.

Really, if you’re not reading Concerned, you’re missing one of the best videogame-parody webcomics on the Intarwebs today.

Getting up to speed, part I

My original main character is a Night Elf Druid. She started on Proudmoore, but left her guild (and most of my friends) behind when transfers to Dragonblight were offered. Since then she’s been abandoned. Now that I have paid US$25 to fix my mistake, I can look at raiding with friends again. I’ll try to keep a log of my attempts to catch up with my friends, with the aim of helping other time-poor players enjoy with their friends what time they can spare.

Keep Digging…

deLavey.jpgOne of the many gems in WoW is the endless list of subtle references. I’m always stumbling across and item, place, or NPC that makes me smile thinking about where the name cam from. Back in April Jason blogged about the samophlange and how psyched he was to see that referenced in the game. Since right away I assumed there were so many of these hidden in the game that a list would be an impossibly daunting task, I never even looked for one or considered doing one myself. Well, the folks at Blizzplanet did, and they’ve put together an completely exhaustive list that includes everything I can think of. From the Zepplin Master named “Hin Denburg” to every other nod, mention, and plug in the game (pictured at right, a nod to Dr. LaVey). Not really being a gamer myself, I wasn’t aware of all the references to Halo and Diablo, but I did pick up on a lot of the movie stuff. The list is absolutely out of hand, nice work folks. [via wow insider]

UPDATE: in the comments Sabo points out this list on Wikipedia which seems a bit longer, but is missing some things from the Blizzplanet one that I noticed right away. Maybe I’ll work on that later…

Ship date for Burning Crusade???

EB games site has listed a ship date for the burning crusade.

Ships 10/2/06

Merry Xmas.

Never get out of the boat…


I do not know what this says about me. I love fireworks shows, with the noise and smells and the fire-fire-fire. Yet, this year, I found myself skipping the big show at the lake for a run up to the bridge at Stormwind. Anyone else do the same?

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