And rest.

This was going to be “Getting up to speed Part VI”, but I’ve been horribly busy and my current 60-day card is about to expire, so it’s more of a “Taking a break” post than the latest stage of my level 60 progression.

First up though, the weekend before last when I posted that depressing ‘what’s the point?’ submission was an aberration. Last weekend was back to new stuff. Specifically, a new ZG boss, Scholomance and a quick run into Dire Maul. I officially hit +300 to healing after the DM run, though I can trade it off for some mana regeneration if the battle requires. I’ve also managed Friendly reputation with Agent Dawn, Timbermaw Hold and the Zandalar Tribe — the latter being the source of my second epic (some nice healer bracers).

So, now I take a break. Given that I joined this blog during my previous break, that must mean that I’ve recently celebrated my first 60 days on Metroblogging Azeroth. When I get back into the game, I’m intending to transfer my level 40-something Paladin to my main Alliance server. I’ll also be levelling a 50-something Tauren Warrior. Now that I’ve got a feel for the current end-game, I’m also going to document my close-to-60 progression, in which I’ll be focussing on zone exploration, rep grinding and instance pre-reqs — all activities that give you XP pre-60, but little of use at 60. I’ll save all the non-grindy quests for when I hit 60 and really rack up the gold. I hope.

This is only a break from WoW, I stress, not this blog. I’ll still be keeping an eye on news wothy of posting here, and maybe relating the odd story from my friends. In fact, I just finished an interesting book that I’ll probably write up a review for posting here shortly.

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