Everyone gets what they want…

I wanted a quest. And for my my sins, they gave me one.

Never mind that the quote from Apocalypse Now that I’ve paraphrased here is also used by a European clinic that purports to treat WoW addiction, it’s somewhat apropos.

I took a good long time leveling up to 60. Twenty-nine days of playing time according to /play at that time. Part of the reason for that length of time was that I was keeping pace with my guild, we all leveled together so we could all hit the instances together and no one really got more than 2 levels above anyone else. The other reason is that I spent a lot of time traveling through the game lookin’ at stuff.

At 60, pre-expansion, I still explore (more on that soon), but it’s harder to find new stuff. That, and my gear at 60 was pretty green-looking. What to do? What to do?

I’m not about to join an endgame guild where I have to raid three times a week and if I didn’t want to and they see through my flimsy excuse (like emergency appendectomy, or meeting with the President) , they boot my lazy ass. I wanted something I can do at my leisure, without responsibility to anyone, that would allow me to get cool stuff.

I found my answer.


It’s grinding, but it’s not grinding. Every experience is different. My opponents change and their actions aren’t always predictable. Same for my allies. Sometimes they haven’t a clue, other times they’re remarkably attuned to a common strategy.

Even in Warsong Gulch, where the Patriots of the North HWL preform routinely smashes Allied PUGs, there’s usually one fun kill to be had, something I can relive in my declining years (or during the wait for the next BG to open).

What’s more fun? Gutting that big ogre NPC by the numbers, or getting up behind that Tauren dude and ambushing him just as he gets on his mount, then backstabbing him into oblivion before he can even dismount. Even if you get bludgeoned by his five friends afterward.

I’m not especially good at PVP, but I’m tenacious, looking for that one sweet kill each time I get online. It’s carried me to Knight-Captain so far and even gotten me my first purple items from BG rewards (save for the Darkmoon deck given to me by a more dedicated guildie seeking to help upgrade the rest of us).

And with the time spent in BG, I’ve even got a little friendly with some of the opposition. Occasionally, when the PUG is woefully inept, I’ll run over to the HWL preform’s flag house and sit on the floor with them /em’ing to tell tales of victory and defeat. One time, I was ambushed by one of the Horde team, who was then promptly reprimanded by the rest of his team for being uncivil.

/em Heshady apologizes to you. So sorry.

/em Redrighthand laughs.

From time to time, I’ll post anecdotes from battle. I’ll end with this one.

In a recent round of Warsong Gulch, Alliance was looking for the win, it was 2-1, and it was just me and one other rogue searching the Horde base for our stolen flag. A Shammy was hanging on to it and I dropped in on him and started gutting him. The other rogue got caught up with the shammy’s guard. Shammy managed to get away from me and started dashing out of the flag house, looking for an assist (they were all out assaulting our flag bearer). I sprinted after him, then prep’d and sprinted some more. He was running straight for the exit portal. WTF? Was he trying to trick me into running into it? Sure enough, he stopped just short of the portal, thinking I’d be lagged or slow to react and that I’d run though. Instead, I blinded him and careened off to the side. With powder in his eyes, he stumbled into the portal and all that was left in his stead was my flag.

I’ll give him credit for an unconventional strat in a tense moment.

Much more interesting than the time I stabbed the Blackrock Ogre repeatedly and he went “ugh” and died. Rinse. Repeat.

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  1. Bendyr (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 12:18 pm

    PUGs can be annoying, but once you have been in a BG bracket long enough to be familiar with the crowd, it’s pretty fun. Even without being a GM-grinding psycho, you can still get pretty good equips just from the various BG factions and the lower pvp ranks.

  2. Chris J (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 5:52 pm

    I’d PvP more if being in Australia didn’t add half a second to everything. Being backstabbed from infront is kinda frustrating, as is being told you’re too far away when you’re actually overlapping with another character.

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