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No More AB Blues

bgcrossserver.jpgI’ve always thought Arathi Basin is the most fun Battleground to play because it can’t drag on, and if you have a good team can be a real blast, although as mentioned earlier it always seems to be the least played. On the three servers I’ve been on, it’s always the same. Well, those days seem to be over, a quick look this morning showed 23 AB’s running on the Eitrigg battle group. I didn’t have time to jump in, but I’m guessing grinding Defilers rep just got a lot easier. Other hordie friends have said that the influx of n00b alliance just standing around waiting to be killed is also quite delightful.

Collecting stuff to do on my return

I’m still on break from WoW. This break has been different from the rest in that I’m not so much running away from WoW as I’m running towards all the other stuff that’s been sidelined. I could do with a larger break to get back into my reading, but quite a lot of stuff is piling up that makes me want to get back into the game. The list is after the jump…

Growing Up Horde, Part II

About four months ago I wrote a post in response to a ‘heated discussion’ Jonas Luster and I had regarding Alliance v. Horde. I promised him I’d take him up on his challenge and level a Horde toon to 30.

Well, I failed. In the midst of a new raiding guild, AQ40/Naxx and everything else, my little troll fell by the wayside and probably got kicked out of We No by Sean (which is okay, as I won’t be coming back to her). I was enjoying my five-day-a-week raiding schedule and my shiny new gear and all of the great people I’d met in my new guild on my 60 Alliance Hunter (Night Elf, too!).

About a month ago though, a few things happened: a very good friend of mine stopped playing WoW, and I started suffering from raiding burnout.

WoW Me #2

Arathi Basin Blues

The new patch will bring with it, I hope, a chance to run Arathi Basin on Thorium Brotherhood. As I posted earlier, one of the reasons a I chose an RP realm is because I wanted a lower population server. While this affords me the luxury of NEVER have to see “Position in Queue” on my log-in screen, it also means that takes forever to get an AB started. For some reason, even on Arathi Basin 2X honor weekends, you’d be lucky to get three or four battles in on a Saturday night. I love Arathi Basin. After today, I may finally be able to lend my demon-fuelled powers to the Defilers.

How about you, readers and authors?? Are there any unpopular battlegrounds on your servers?

Battleguard Sartura

Pierre de Coubertin, founder of modern Olympic Games said “The most important thing…is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

Our guild has just moved on to AQ40, and we are trying to develop tactics for the first bosses; last night, we met Battleguard Sartura. We wiped, and wiped, and wiped. And you know what? It was wonderful. There’s a huge difference between instances that a guild has on farm status, and new encounters. I am relatively new to raiding at this level; when I reached level 60 and started raiding, all bosses up to Nef were well-choreographed, and everyone knew what to do. All I had to do is watch, learn, and not make any stupid mistakes. This is different.

It’s here…


This is going to be an interesting day for PvPers….

“Girl Gamers” and WoW

In many of the gaming sites this morning are yet more articles about developing games for girls. The BBC has an article about the games industry supposedly failing women, and Joystiq has coverage that includes quite a few (unintentionally) funny/sad comments. Although I have to admit that I would probably buy that pink PS2, I always quite quite irate about the games-that-appeal-to-women articles. Yes, we need more women game developers (Blizz? You could hire me, for example.) Yes, we need to consider what makes a game attractive to women. We shouldn’t assume that women want rainbows and pink ponies, nor should we assume that women want quick puzzle games that can be played while waiting for that load of wash to finish.

I think that Blizzard gets it right with Warcraft.

WoW Me #1

World of Porncraft

porncraft.jpgDon’t kid yourself. You either knew this was coming, or have been planning on doing it yourself to earn some RL gold. Time will tell if this is for real or just a mean joke being played on a bunch of people who will actually be really excited about it, but frankly I’m surprised it took this long. I’m also surprised at the name. My money was on “World of Whorecraft.” Maybe they’re saving that for a prostitution-based MMORPG. Oh, wait…that’s already called Second Life.

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