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New Kid In Town

Yesterday, I transferred two characters from Aggramar EU to Moonglade, a RP server. (Requested the transfer in the morning, and it was complete by midday – go, Blizz!) As soon as I got home after work, I logged in, checked my bank and bags and such to make sure that nothing had been lost in translation, and then went exploring.

I felt very, very lost, which surprised me. Obviously it was the same world, the same landscape, all the NPCs were in the same places, but the actual people, that mostly-unnoticed fabric that makes up a world, had changed. As a player who (outside of instances with the guild) mainly solos and rarely does pickup groups, I hadn’t realised just how many of the names and personalities I was familiar with: the famous scammer on the server (every realm has at least one that is known far and wide), the usual trolls and people who bitch about others misusing LFG, the players that you notice because of their funny/weird/obnoxious names (and once having noticed them, you seem to see them everywhere), the duelling-outside-IF crowd, the power-levellers that are constantly looking for PUGs. You know the names of the bots and farmers, and where they lurk, and you know which ones have been booted.

And now, that fabric has been changed. Strange feeling, and quite unexpected.

Join the Kuurian Expedition!

I just got word of this via an Education in Second Life mailing list:

“The Synthetic Worlds Initiative is a research center at Indiana University whose aim is to promote innovative thinking on synthetic worlds.”

“The first Kuurian Expedition has been founded in World of Warcraft, on the Silver Hand server, Alliance side.”

I’ll be joining the guild as soon as I restart my WoW subscription

Exploring happens outside the game too

So I saw this photo our very own Azeroth.Metblogs flickrstream…

And I though to myself, WTF izzat?!?!

Seriously? What the hell is going on?


Last week it was three floating children, and this week it’s two naked chicks. You know, just floating around by the mailbox in Ironforge. Naked. For all the world to see. (Ok, maybe just on Bonechewer, but STILL!)

I feel like this is some kind of weird mafia hit: “If you don’t donate to the poor orphaned children of Stormwind, this unfortunate accident may happen to you.” Either that, or it’s just a bizarre glitch.

Eerily, they appear to be dead and naked. Gross.

More fun with LevelSixty


Another chat thread after the jump

Raiding Guild Issues: Burning Crusade

Well, as you know if you are a member of a raiding guild, or if you read WOW-related blogs (why else would you be here?), Blizzard has made the announcement that Burning Crusade instances will be capped at 25 players rather than 40 for current endgame instances. If your guild is anything like mine, there has been a lot of talk and consternation about this change. From the smaller guilds, and the casual player base, of course, the reaction has been much more positive.

I’m split on this issue. For our guild, which is based on having enough people to do 40-man instances 3+ times a week, I think it will be disastrous. Everyone is working together in a well-disciplined team, and although there are always more players on than there are spots for, there just aren’t enough for two good groups of 25, not to mention the issue about putting most-skilled players in both groups. This issue will split large guilds.

Where is the Orc trainer?


Hella Drop!

Ever had one of those runs where everything goes your way? No one can break your aggro, the parties repair bill is under one gold AND you get the drop of a lifetime? If not, keep your Plate Fists crossed and someday your time will come.

Here it is………
Deadly Wedge Axe

So close, yet so far

My deadline has come and gone, and I am still at level 58. Le sigh. The brass ring illudes me because something odd happened at this level.

I ran out of solo-able quests.

So here I am, so close to 60, and all I have are a handful of (Elite) quests, and about 10 BRD quests. Last week, there were only three 60s in my guild, but we merged with Imperium Brotherhood over the weekend. Hopefully, with the larger ranks, I can get some questing done between classes.

Decisions: Girl Guilds, Transfers and (!) RP Realms

I’m thinking about transferring characters to another realm. My main raids several times a week, and I spend most of the rest of my time on alts, which are unguilded. I solo a lot. As these alts reach endgame, I’d like to raid with them, but in most raiding guilds alts a) aren’t welcome in MC/BWL, and b) can’t compete with mains for drops – fair enough, I admit. But these are characters that I spend a lot of time playing. I’d like to be able to raid with them. And that brought me to the decision that I’d like to join another guild with them.

I like the idea of serious all-girl guilds, although I personally haven’t seen any strong ones. Which led to the thought that perhaps I’d like to start one myself. (eek!!!) Bad idea? Possibly…perhaps even probably. Read on, and tell me what you think.

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