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Every Culture Grieves Uniquely

This morning, I signed in to check my auctions, only to find discussion of the Death of Steve Irwin. A small sample follows:

[3. Trade][Rokusha]: died from stingray barb tot he hbeart

[3. Trade][Ampersand]: so sad

[3. Trade][Gunor]: YEAH

[3. Trade][Bigjim]: thats what he gets for f’n with animals.

[3. Trade][Carnivera]: the stingray rolled a crit with its barb “20”

[3. Trade][Aborted]: that was a 62 elite Stingray tho

[3. Trade][Halfmoo]: Probably named as well.

[3. Trade][Clownshoes]: I can’t beleave that happen by a sting ray

[3. Trade][Halfmoo]: Only a named stingray could bring down my man steve.

[3. Trade][Crilogan]: and it was a named raid boss

[3. Trade][Carnivera]: yep.

Every culture grieves uniquely. We’ll all miss Steve and our thoughts go out to his family.

Tell me about it, Serg.


Spotting in AV last night.

Discovering Battlegrounds

I’ve recently discovered PvP. I’ve always refused duels, never rolled a character on a PvP server, and always sniffed at guild members who spent most of their non-raiding time in the battlegrounds. But then, during one of those periods where I couldn’t face grinding anymore and all of my quests were either too high-level or involved dungeons, I tried both WSG and AB. And you know what? I absolutely, totally love it.

In the beginning, of course, I was abysmal; I was everyone’s meat. But I got better, and am becoming addicted to the adrenalin rush. I can actually do some damage, my kill-to-death ratio is finally on the “good” side, and I’m learning a lot more about playing my class. I do, however, have a few questions…

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