DING 60…She’s Done

I’ve written before about raiding and raid guilds. I enjoy raiding (yes, wiping on bosses that you still don’t have a strategy for gets tiresome, but overall I enjoy it). What I don’t enjoy anymore is my level 60 warlock. It seems as soon as she hit level 60 she became a raiding machine, and I wasn’t interested in her anymore. I never play her for fun, and since I can’t bear the thought of rep grinding, I only bring her out for raids. As soon as the raid is over, I say my goodbyes and log onto one of my alts, whom I enjoy very much. They’re still growing, and I don’t think of them as “done”.

What does this mean, when inevitably you reach the end? Are all the alts I love destined to be “done”?

Right now I have a level 19 Horde rogue who is my PvP twink. Ok, she’s not really a twink, since I haven’t paid an epic mount’s worth of gold so that she can have glowing enchants leaking out of every orifice. I bought her the best gear that I could find that wasn’t going for silly money, and I’m having a blast with her in BGs. The problem is, I enjoy playing her so much that she’s on the verge of levelling to 20, which would make BGs a bit difficult until I get her close to 29 and re-twink her – hence the problem. Aside from BGs, she’s been fishing a lot lately, as well as levelling her Alchemy. I just have to play her, even if I can’t do quests right now.

I also have my hunter on Moonglade, a roleplaying server, which I had planned on levelling up to 60 before Burning Crusade. I figured I might as well, so I could do some raiding (since I’ve done precious little roleplay after transferring her). I find that I’ve let her sit for a while, though…because I dread getting her to 60 and losing interest in her. She’s one of my favourite characters, so perhaps I wouldn’t start thinking of her as a cog in a raiding machine, but perhaps I would.

I love the journey much more than the destination, I love questing and levelling and building up professions. I love my alts.

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  1. Xoruka (unregistered) on October 4th, 2006 @ 11:34 am

    I have one 60 (Dwarven Warrior) that turned 60 back in June 2005. Because of my casual play within WoW, I quickly learned that I had no time for most of the endgame instances. Knowing this, I started an alt (Orc Shammy) who I solely concentrated on PvPing and leveling her slowly as possible.

    She is running ZFs to get over the hump of the level 40s and into level 51. Once she reaches that, she will be running AV until she dings 60.

    For many of us, 60 is death. PvP extends it but not by much (hopefully the PvP Tourney and Honourless system will change that). Rep grind is teh effinweaksauce.

    I do instance runs with my Warrior but that’s all he does. I pop on to make sure no one needs anything ran and pop off (while staying in guild Vent) to level my Shaman.

  2. QuitBouncing (unregistered) on October 5th, 2006 @ 9:43 am

    “But there is so much to do at 60!” The problem, at least for me, was all that stuff to do I can’t do alone.

    I loved being able to do stuff solo. If I wanted to group I could, but if I didn’t want to spend the time finding a group I could pick something easier to do that only required me to do it!

    And killing 6000 Twilights is not my idea of fun stuff to do at 60.

    I’m leveling alts again to, its not as much fun now, because I’ve seen so much of it already there’s not the same “aha” moments. But its better than watching my reputation bar move 1 millimeter forward after an hour of effort.

  3. phoenix (unregistered) on October 5th, 2006 @ 7:09 pm

    I have to admit, I’m feeling the same pain. My hunter turned 60 and he’s pretty much resigned to BG. My guild is too small to do any of the larger endgame content, and it’s hard enough to get us organized for 5-man runs, and if that happens, there’s usually no place for a hunter.

    Sadly, my hunter’s pretty much “done,” unless I can find a decent use for him. My other alts are definitely on their way. :( My problem is everyone else’s-there’s nothing to do alone at 60…hell, there’s nothing to do in groups of 2-5 at 60. :(

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