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Hey Baby, Wanna LAN?

I, like a lot of women, was introduced to the World of Warcraft by my significant other (hereto after called SO). I was attending graduated school in a neighboring state, and we were doing the long-distance thing. During my last year, he was planning on spending his spring break with me, even though I was still in classes and would be unable to have any fun. To keep himself occupied, the SO brought WoW with him and installed it on my computer. During a break from writing yet another paper on Aristotle’s definition of the tragic hero (kill me), he convinced me to try the game. Now, I had always had an aversion to video games. Any attempts to play a console game had left me frustrated, embarrassed, and usually with thumb cramps. Nonetheless, I decided to humor him- he seemed really excited about this game. I rolled a warlock, sat down, and this exchange happed:
“How do I aim?”
“You don’t have to aim.”
Three hours later…
“Macy, can I have the computer back?”

Now, the SO and I share a residence and a high speed internet connection. We both have level 60’s in Hells Bells on Thorium Brotherhood (he’s a Tauren Shaman). On Saturday evenings we sit side-by-side, running Strat or Scholo. While there are some that might suggest that this is not a healthy activity for a couple to share, we really enjoy gaming together. The SO and I, while sharing similar personalities and sensibilities, did not share that many past times. He gamed, I didn’t. That has all changed now. I have geekvolved.
During the school year my “couple” time is cut drastically due to my classes, grading papers, and involvement in the college theatre. Still, we make time for each other- quality time- in Azeroth.

DING 60…She’s Done

I’ve written before about raiding and raid guilds. I enjoy raiding (yes, wiping on bosses that you still don’t have a strategy for gets tiresome, but overall I enjoy it). What I don’t enjoy anymore is my level 60 warlock. It seems as soon as she hit level 60 she became a raiding machine, and I wasn’t interested in her anymore. I never play her for fun, and since I can’t bear the thought of rep grinding, I only bring her out for raids. As soon as the raid is over, I say my goodbyes and log onto one of my alts, whom I enjoy very much. They’re still growing, and I don’t think of them as “done”.

What does this mean, when inevitably you reach the end? Are all the alts I love destined to be “done”?

Growing Up Horde, Part III

So my undead mage hit 60 this weekend, along with the priest I have levelled with every day since level 1. We dinged turning in our Ramstein quest to Nathanos Blightcaller, went to train, and came back to practice our mad duo skills on Duskwing and Bolegore (aka The Corpulent One).

The journey to 60 as Horde has been incredibly fun, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the faction switch or the class switch. Both made a huge impact on the game for me, and I’m very happy with where I’ve ended up as far as both of those things are concerned. I guess the big question for me now is PvP or PvE — where do I want to focus? Only time will tell.

We’re guildless right now because we just can’t seem to find a place where we fit, although our departure ends up being a matter of principle rather than personality (the first had leadership which made decisions affecting the guild as a whole with no discussion with guild members, which I wholeheartedly disagree with; the second decided that bugging out a ZG boss to beat him was worth a shot, and I have no desire to progress through endgame content with a guild who thinks that cheesing an encounter — IN ZG — for free epix is all right). I guess you run into that no matter what side you’re on, though.

Regardless, I’m Horde for good. The little challenge that Jonas presented ended up completely changing the way I see and play the game, and so I thank you. (You could work on that delivery a little, though.)

So little WoW news that it’s news.

If you thought it was just us that were letting you down on the WoW news front, checkout this article from

“I think the worst part about World of Warcraft is the lull that’s fallen over the game before the expansion’s release.”

Now I don’t feel so bad. I think I’ll continue to not post my article about trying to collect unusual non-combat pets.

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