Midnight Release in Orlando

The line at EB Games in my part of Orlando was not so much a release “event” as it was a midnight “Gimme my game as soon as possible so i can go home and roll a Shaman”. Besides one very excited group of l33t nerds at the front of the line that debated PvP strats (they were at the front because, hey, they would have been at the store loitering anyways), the whole line was full of very quiet, focused gamers who just wanted the thing and wanted to get out. One EBGames employee walked the line trying to psych people up, as if improving morale would insure that a few more strategy guides would be sold. (We were about 15th in line, none were sold before we procured ours.)

Employee: “Man, aren’t people excited about the expansion? Where’s the spirit?”
(deathly silence)
Me: “Uh….. /cheer?”

The only other crack was one older gentleman who remarked, “I’m gonna wait for 10 minutes to get Burning Crusade so I can go home and wait in the AV queue for 40. GG, Blizzard.” GG indeed, considering he was one of the lucky recipients to pre-order one of the *five* collector’s editions available at the store.

Finally, I wanted to make one observation to the kid first in line that *sprinted* out of the store after buying his copy: No matter how fast you ran, you were not going to be the first to 61. Sorry to be the dream-crusher.

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