War Footing

Jumping through the portal, I was treated to a view of insanity. Below me, a fierce battle raged with many 70 elites duking it out with the best that Azeroth has to offer. Immediately, I’m pulled off to the side and sent off to Thrallmar. Everything is in a hurry. There’s no time for rest or comfort, only for fighting.

The sense of urgency followed me through all of the peninsula as I went forth from Thrallmar to Reaver’s Fall, south to Spinebreaker Post, and back out to the desolate lands near Falcon Watch. Everywhere around Hellfire Peninsula there were angry mobs, grinding their axes against my armor. The outstretched piles of bodies are high, both of the dead orcish shattered hand, and those of the Alliance and of the Horde.

The war footing is clear and everything is pushing toward it.

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