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Race? What Race?

So, raise your hand if members of your guild were racing to be the first to 70. If you were the first one to 70, go stand in the corner, because you missed a hell of a great game. Just kidding…seriously, how have you approached it? Did you want to get to the new end-game instances, flying mounts, and Heroic Mode as soon as you could? Or were you not really bothered by how long it took, within reason? Did you level more than one character? Or did you focus on a brand new Draenei or Blood Elf?

I am in the middle ground. I don’t want to be left behind and lose a place in future raids, but I am so thoroughly enjoying the content that I’m absolutely not going to race through it. We have quite a few 69-70s in the guild now, but it doesn’t bother me. My hunter is almost 65, and my warlock main is half-way to 64. I did get some rather pointed questions about was I switching my main to the hunter, but the hunter is both more fun and easier to level, so she goes first. Ravven will come second, and level faster with a knowledge of where everything is. My Draenei? Unfortunately abandoned for the moment at level 17, since I simply can’t do three.

My main ambition right now? A cobalt talbuk mount. :)

Posted by on January 29, 2007.

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