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War Footing

Jumping through the portal, I was treated to a view of insanity. Below me, a fierce battle raged with many 70 elites duking it out with the best that Azeroth has to offer. Immediately, I’m pulled off to the side and sent off to Thrallmar. Everything is in a hurry. There’s no time for rest or comfort, only for fighting.

The sense of urgency followed me through all of the peninsula as I went forth from Thrallmar to Reaver’s Fall, south to Spinebreaker Post, and back out to the desolate lands near Falcon Watch. Everywhere around Hellfire Peninsula there were angry mobs, grinding their axes against my armor. The outstretched piles of bodies are high, both of the dead orcish shattered hand, and those of the Alliance and of the Horde.

The war footing is clear and everything is pushing toward it.

28 Hours later… Level 70

It’s been done. A French player reached Level 70 in only 28 hours, using help from multiple guildmates to grind and a very carefully planned attack on the Outland. Full details Here, including on how he made sure to note that he was at the keys for the entire 28 hour stretch.

Overheard at Burning Crusade launches

From a surprisingly good-natured thread at the WoW forums, here are choices quotes overheard around the world from fans waiting in line to purchase The Burning Crusade (note: entries have been edited to improve readability and to remove l33t spelling, which gives me hives):

Mauhcayotl on Silvermoon:
Person 1 : So what server you guys on?
Me : Silvermoon. It’s PvE
Person 2 : Awww. PvE??
Me : Yeah…
Person 1 : What’s your character?
Me : … … Gnome Warlock…
Person 1 and Person 2 : Gnome!? Warlock?!?! Hahahaha!!
Person 3 (from in front of us) : Man, mentioning that you’re a gnome warlock out here is the only way to get ganked in real life!

Get attuned to BC


Aerdrig from the Alliance guild Avowry (on Cenarius) posted a lovely diagram for “getting attuned to all the instances in BC.” He links back to World of Raids, who has a more basic sketch up. Looks like we have our work cut out for us!

Thanks, Nicole!

The Daily Blink: #2

Up? Down. Up? Down. Up! No wait. Down.


Yeah, it sounds like a cheat for a Konami game, but that’s what it’s like on the Outland realm of Eitrigg tonight. Things were just fine until about 7:30 eastern tonight when the East Coast got done with dinner and the West Coast was done with school, installing and patching. Then, the server ground to a halt with impromptu reboots and kicks galore, making the whole area unplayable. It’s not so back if you’re on the mainlands, as they’re on separate servers, but whose brilliant idea was it to wrap Exodar and Silvermoon City into the same server as the Outland? They’re just not holding up on our server.

How’s your server holding up?

Midnight Release in Orlando

The line at EB Games in my part of Orlando was not so much a release “event” as it was a midnight “Gimme my game as soon as possible so i can go home and roll a Shaman”. Besides one very excited group of l33t nerds at the front of the line that debated PvP strats (they were at the front because, hey, they would have been at the store loitering anyways), the whole line was full of very quiet, focused gamers who just wanted the thing and wanted to get out. One EBGames employee walked the line trying to psych people up, as if improving morale would insure that a few more strategy guides would be sold. (We were about 15th in line, none were sold before we procured ours.)

Employee: “Man, aren’t people excited about the expansion? Where’s the spirit?”
(deathly silence)
Me: “Uh….. /cheer?”

The only other crack was one older gentleman who remarked, “I’m gonna wait for 10 minutes to get Burning Crusade so I can go home and wait in the AV queue for 40. GG, Blizzard.” GG indeed, considering he was one of the lucky recipients to pre-order one of the *five* collector’s editions available at the store.

Finally, I wanted to make one observation to the kid first in line that *sprinted* out of the store after buying his copy: No matter how fast you ran, you were not going to be the first to 61. Sorry to be the dream-crusher.

Midnight release event in San Francisco


Last night I went to the midnight release for Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade expansion at the EB Games at Union Square. There were two lines snaking away from the mouth of the store, and no signs or people explaining which line was for what. I jumped in the nearest line and hoped I’d gotten it right. As it turned out, one line was for people who had pre-ordered the game and the second, much longer line was for people who had verified with the sales clerks they had pre-ordered the game. Got that? It was confusing and it pissed off many people who queued up in the “verified” line who then had to go get in the other queue.

I arrived at eleven p.m. and it already looked the picture above. There were at least 200 people, 95% of which were proud owners of a Y chromosome. We all stood outside together in the near-freezing weather and there was a general boistrousness in the air. All across the line I could hear strangers asking each other what server they were on, what class was their main, did they play in beta, and so on.

Also posted here @ MetroBlogs San Francisco.

2 more, about an hour before the portal opened



C’mon DHL

C’mon DHL

Originally uploaded by tbridge.

My copy left’s Wilmington shipping hub yesterday evening, and arrived in Alexandria this morning. Right now, my copy of TBC is on a truck somewhere in between Alexandria and Arlington. Daaaaamn, c’mon DHL, don’t make me wait!

That said, our first horde-side 61 is a Warlock this morning on Eitrigg, and there’s now a level 15 Blood-elf as of 9:04am, Eastern. Not shabby. Keep it coming, folks!

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