Well my (now former) guild, of which I was a charter member (one of the first 5 folks) has unceremoniously dumped me, without so much as a whisper or mail in-game.

Not that I wanted flowers or a “Dear John” letter, but the original Guild organizer had left to pursue interests outside of Azeroth and I had never done much with the group, but I did trade some items and run some quests, so I wasn’t a complete unknown.

Now, unfortunately, I’m getting messages left and right from folks I’ve never met recruiting me to this guild or that. I think I’m better off – especially since I’m a haphazard-playing, tanking Druid – to just finding random “friends” and enjoying the game that way.

Is my guild assessment wrong? Should I have done more? Is it wrong of them to dump me this way with no notification? Is it kosher to just invite folks willy-nilly to a guild without playing alongside them first?

I actually feel sad a bout this.

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  1. Anonymous (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2007 @ 12:10 am

    It all really depends who close and organized and stable a guild is. I have no idea what type of guild you were in, how long you were in it …

    It is definitely not good form to not tell the player in question that he is being kicked from the guild and why this is done especially if he can be contacted either in-game or out-of-game as it seems you could have been since you are playing that character actively.

    But sometimes there are players in a guild that somehow start a “purge” of “unworthy” players. Mostly those are players that are not as guild-active as the majority and do not further the goals of those who start the purge. -.- If those who would like a purge don’t have the power to do it they can still start a lot of trouble by demanding that players be kicked from the guild for a variety of reasons, they think those players are too:

    * low level
    * little grouping with the guild
    * inactive in-game/forum
    * little raid preparation
    * little raid attendance
    * little communication

    all pretty stupid reasons in my opinion but I’ve seen it all happen -.-

    Maybe you can post on your realm forums or check those for a list of guilds in the first place to find a guild that is more suited to your play style and would welcome and keep you.

    But I have also seen quite a few unguilded players on my realm who are doing quite well without all the hassle a guild can be.

    Whatever you do, good luck!

    PS: spontaneous invitations to a guild without a little bit of a longer process of getting to know each other are a sure sign, that this is not a guild you want to be in … just my 2c on that one.

  2. That Geeky Chick (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2007 @ 4:12 am

    I agree on the purging of guild members, I’ve seen it done for a variety of reasons but it’s been my experience that it’s mostly for inactivity or booting alts when a main leaves and such.

    As for the invites, I dealt with those for a long time. I kept my druid out of guilds for as long as I could, I ran with a few guilds on a regular basis for raiding but didn’t join until I was 68. Random invites are pretty constant on our server especially for toons over 40.

  3. The Dane (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2007 @ 4:09 pm

    Yeah, it’s pretty rare that I’ve spent any time with guilds since I generally prefer solo play and guilds don’t usually support the idea of solo players – and what that means is that I’ll get guildjoin requests pretty constantly from strangers. Either that or requests to sign charters.

  4. ratmaggot (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 9:49 am

    That sucks, I’d say that (as you said) as you said you were a charter member, they should treat you with a bit more respect.

    Things, that said, for all we know you might be a whiney, trouble making, POS guildmember – no offence, we just don’t know.

    Perhaps you should ask them? Or are they assuming you won’t have the backbone to do so?

  5. EOL (unregistered) on May 30th, 2007 @ 12:16 pm

    I was a longtime (about 2 years) member of an ever increasingly hard-core raiding guild, loved talking with the members, and was always very active in guild chat and made a fair amount of the raids.

    Unfortunetly, someone with a little more power than me decided that I was unnecessary for upcoming raids, and so sent me out a gkick without even a semblence of a goodbye.

    For the next week I had old guildies PMing me asking what’d happened and where I had gone, kinda a depressing experience; however, luckily enough just as Seth did, I recieved many guild invites and found a good group to play with.

    I didn’t make that much of an uproar, just said my goodbyes fairly quietly. Seems the beste way to handle it, if there’s someone up top that wants you gone, there isn’t much chance you’ll get back in, especially in your position.


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