No Love for Trolls

I’ve made another foray back into roleplay, this time on Horde side. I’d started a Blood Elf hunter, played her up to 22 or so and really enjoyed her, so I rolled a Blood Elf priest. Couldn’t handle the extremely awkward wand animation, and the non-synced sound that went with it, so I rolled a troll and ran her up to the belf starting area. When she’s of a comparable level with my hunter, I want to try dual-boxing them and roleplaying them both at the same time. (Might be tough, I admit!) I want to play her as a foster-sister who has no idea why she’s so big-boned, why her feet are too big for boots, let alone glass slippers, why her parents never fixed her teeth when she was little, and why her mean, blonde sister keeps making fun of her.

She’s found no love among the Blood Elves, unfortunately – as you can see by the image of Mr. High-and-Mighty above, who refused to let her repair.

She couldn’t take any of the initial starting area quests at all, so I killed cats and mana wyrms until she’d gained a couple of levels, then took her off to the next stage where she could take quests. You know what? Mana management is SO much easier for a Blood Elf priest…my poor troll really struggles. I’m also having to remember that even though the hunter just sailed through that area (as hunters do), she is not able to do the same. When a quest is marked as a group quest, she can’t solo it. There are also at least one of the early priest quests that she never got, which I remember taking on the first belf priest – hmn, more discrimination?

So, no love for trolls in Silvermoon…what a shame.

I’m looking forward to roleplaying them both – I don’t think this will bend the lore too much, since there is contact between belfs and trolls, and theoretically her parents could have taken in a foundling and raised her as their own. She’ll be sugar, whereas her sister will be spice and spite. It should be fun.

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  1. phoenix (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2007 @ 11:10 am

    Interesting! I wonder if this is only the case on RP servers, or across all of them.

  2. Elinore (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2007 @ 11:52 am

    I tried to take an Undead toon through the blood elf area and ran into the same thing on a regular PVE server. You can raise a Troll as a Tauren or Undead, but only Blood Elves can do the Blood Elf starter quests. I would guess it’s the same with Draenei. I was disappointed. I wanted to be the worlds ugliest Blood Elf.

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