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WoW’s place in online communities mapped

Certainly not the first “let’s map the internet” meme, but certainly a funny attempt.

Embedded small here. Click to embiggen.


Take note of WoW’s placement, off to the right at the confluence of practicals (n00bs) and focus-on-web, amongst other MMOGs and Second Life. Far from focus-on-real-life and intellectuals, no offense taken here. ;-)

The whole thing is pretty tongue-in-cheek, but good for a laugh if you spend any time on the internet.

[Via Kottke]

Tales of a WoW n00b: n00b no more

So now that I’ve reached level 20 I thought it a good idea to recap how I got here. Not the quests or the killing, but joining World of Warcraft and making the leap from part-time gamer to full-time addict.

First off, I spent $2 for a 14-day trial (and a CD) when I could’ve signed up online for free for 10 days. The wait either way seems oppressive, but it made moving to a paid subscriber a snap. Still, trying the game first (as opposed to just jumping in) seems like a barrier to entry. Of course, someone could’ve loaned me there copy and the free trial account, but my friends don’t play (yet), that’s my role.

Converting the account was a snap, but I’m a tad disappointed that I simply couldn’t pay my money online without the need to buy a box and some CDs. Don’t get me wrong, I like the product catalog and instruction booklet as much as the next guy, but they already had me. I had an account and a character and was logging on regularly to play.

My experience was wholly online. Why make me trek to a store to buy a physical object when all it would contain is a number? Couldn’t I just buy a new number online?

Anyhow, I succeeded.

The one drawback I can see to being a full-fledged World of Warcraft player is how much I care. And I don’t mean that in some crazed, must-play way, I mean I truly care about my character. I want to see him succeed. I’m engrossed in the story and my role in it. It’s certainly not like the pen-and-paper days of yore when I’d spend an entire weekend and a case of Mountain Dew playing DND.

My first real taste of the bitter Alliance/Horde struggle occurred in-game last night when a level 70 Tauren Druid named Stew came wandering into Auberdine. He easily dispatched most of the level 17 – 37 folks who sought to resist him, but to no avail.

I’m not too terribly bitter to die at the hands of a more experienced player role-playing his version of the storyline, I just wish I could have done more. Instead of getting angry I’m taking things seriously (too seriously?) and vowing revenge.

So that’s my story. I’m sure I’ll continue to post more here, but I thought it instructive and fun to look through the eyes of a newbie, but that’s not me anymore (especially anymore).

If you’re on Nordrassil, look me up some time.

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