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StratFu Presents: Pull! A Guide to Faster Raids


Tired of waiting around a dead boss for a half-hour for the hunter and the shaman to argue over who really needs that mail? Or maybe half of your 10-man isn’t taking the trash seriously and you guys wipe over and over again? Then check out this video by Kyth, of guild Fusion, which promises to show you how to turn your guild from one 5 man a night to 2 hour Naxx clears, and having fun the whole way!

While I would say that everyone in your guild would have to agree to this kind of mentality before you really embark on it, I would also say it’s worth it for your guild to be serious enough to do what they need to do in order to make a raid successful while simultaneously having a good time.

The tips are useful even for veteran raiding guilds, and over all are pretty simple: pay attention, stay on task, take everything seriously, give people the benefit of the doubt and don’t put up with poor performance, and handle yo’ business. Check out the video here in HD or click the image above to learn how your guild can raid more effectively, too!

Ten Commandments of DPS

(image courtesy of Komosky)

I stumbled on the Ten Commandments of DPS a little while ago, and immediately started passing it around – the commandments are solid, and while they’re obviously written from a ret pally’s perspective, they’re solid for any DPS class, including ranged DPS like mages and hunters. For example, some of the gems:

VIII. Do not show up to raid unprepared. Read the strategies, bring consumables, and have your items enchanted. Listen to your raid leader and class leader. Bring an offering of gold for repairs and pay it to Murphy willingly.

IX. Know what items and statistics will improve you and in what ratios. Do not stand around a dead Big Nasty and debate if his loot is good for you. This too is a violation of the Eighth commandment.

Those are some of my favorites – nothing irritates me more than people showing up to a raid without bandages, necessary potions, or reagents for their buffs. Alternatively, nothing takes the buzz off downing a boss more than standing around for a half-hour waiting for the mage and the druid to finish discussing the merits of a staff with a ton of spirit on it and whether the other should roll on it.

Some more that I’d like to share with some of my fellow hunters:

III. Do not overtax your healers by taking undue raid damage. In this spirit, do not stand in front of the Big Nasty, nor should you stand in any nastiness the Big Nasty has strewn on the floor.

IV. Focus your Fire by assisting and following the kill order. ALWAYS.

Seriously – follow the kill order; traps before polymorphs unless otherwise specified, assist the tank. Know your raids before you walk in, and no one’s back will wind up hurting halfway through – everyone will be happy.

It’s Fun to be a Hunter

This video over at Machinima holds a special place in my heart, but I suppose that’s just because my main is a hunter, and my highest level alt is a hunter I transferred around from server to server.

Check out the video here!

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing other classes – I have a pally, a mage, even a death knight, but my first and true love? The hunter. And don’t call me a huntard – I can top the DPS charts in your raid; that should earn me a little respect, right guys?

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