Is There Just Too Much To Do in World of Warcraft?


Argent Tournament. Naxxramas. Ulduar. Obsidian Sanctum. Arenas. Children’s Week. Noblegarden. Dailies for every class. Rep grinds for just about every faction. Achievements. There’s tons – TONS more to do in the World of Warcraft now than there has ever been before. Even back in the days of Burning Crusade there were plenty to do, but not quite as much as we have now.

Between grinding out rep for the multitude of Northrend factions, staying on top of our regular achievements like Loremaster and Explorer, reaching for character titles, and achievement/annual events on a multi-monthly basis, there’s tons to do, whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore raider. The din from casual players has died down now that there are easily more dailies to do in the world than you have slots for, and there are events like the Argent Tournament to do that can be done alone or in smal groups. Hardcore raiders are barely out of three-drake OS and now there’s Ulduar to brave – a dungeon so freaking hard that it very well may break you and your guild.

I’ve felt the pressure myself, honestly: between doing the Noblegarden quests, raiding Naxx and trying to progress into Ulduar every week, trying to improve my rep with the factions that still have gear upgrades for me, and still trying to be generally social and help out people in my guild and other friends, and then still trying to level a few alts, there’s simply too much to do in the time that I have to play WoW. It’s at the point where – if it wasn’t like this before – there’s definitely enough in the game to keep someone playing as if it were a full time job!

Personally, I’ve been trying to make progress on a couple of alts but haven’t managed to because of the world events and achievements that I try to participate in on my main. At the same time, even my casual guild (we only raid once or twice a week) is feeling the pressure to progress into the newest content while simultaneously helping each other out with the world and holiday events.

Am I the only person who feels this way? How is everyone else doing with all of the content additions, new achievements, events, and other things to do? Are all of your skills maxed out? Do you have any professions you’ve been meaning to level? Any areas in which you just never got around to questing? Does it get a little overwhelming for you too, or are you pretty solid — or at worst, bored?

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  1. Stepford Mom (stepfordmom) on May 4th, 2009 @ 1:14 am

    I’ve hit that wall as well, and have actually started accepting the idea that I have a "main" toon and she’s the only one that will complete everything. I’ve always run multiple toons, but since the opening of Northrend I have only managed to get 2 to 80. I was raiding in BC with 3 different accounts and one of those is still sitting around 73.

    Between raiding and general farming for necessities associated with raiding, there’s not much time to work on the others. I’ve let professions lapse because I can’t get around to dragging every toon out into the world on a daily basis. The world drops and purchase with mats patterns are a long way from finding their way into my inventory.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fun, and I love the time I do have to play. It’s a matter of picking out the few things I can do each day and saying to myself, "I’ll get around to that later."

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