Ulduar: Defiance – Part II


I mentioned Ulduar: Defiance a little while ago, and specifically how awesome it was and well made it was as a movie – it’s not super-advanced machinima, it doesn’t create a specifically new story in the form of its visuals, but what it does so well, what puts it above so many other WoW videos I’ve seen, is that it’s absolutely perfect at capturing the atmosphere and feeling of epic adventure and high stakes that comes with the story and lore that leads you into Ulduar as a champion, looking to free it – and Azeroth – from the creeping grip of something very ancient and very evil.

The second installment in the series (second of three) picks up where the first left off, and starts us off at the door to the Iron Council, and gives us the first piece of audio that I think isn’t directly lifted from the game itself in the series so far. I was a little disappointed, because I think the game audio is superior to almost anything a player could record (with some notable exceptions, like the player who essentially redid all the audio for Stratholme), but it fit in well and was quickly followed by in-game audio from there out.

The video takes us through the fights with the council and into the strategy session in the Archivum inside Ulduar before showing us each of the battles with each of the Watchers, and does so without getting into a ton of strats and revealing their exact endings. I think one of the things I really adore about this series of videos is that each of the battles really does have an epic feeling about it, you get the sense that the players in the fight really are crossing weapons with Hodir, for example, trying to convince him they they’re not his true enemy.

I’m not in the kind of guild that’ll probably get to see this content until we’re all 85 and Cataclysm is out, but for the time being? I’ll settle for this.

See it in high-quality at YouTube here.

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    I mentioned Ulduar: Defiance a little while ago, and specifically how awesome it was and well made it was as a movie – and now the second installment of the three-part series is out, and just as fantastic. …

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