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Hogger: Elwynn Forest was Merely a Setback


As a number of outlets have already reported, the guild Premonition did a very special raid during Blizzcon, live on stage with thousands of people watching. A number of the guildies were at home away from all of the action, but a few of them who had made the trek to Blizzon were set up on stage as the masses watched their guild coordinate and run through wave upon wave of bosses we’d seen before, some we hadn’t. In some cases, Premonition faced off against teams of bosses that would be more than a challenge on their own, and more than enough firepower to wipe even the hardiest of raids.

Even so, Premonition faced them all one at a time, frequently one-shotting waves of baddies, all until the final round, when one boss stood before them. One figure emerged to face the Premonition army, one face known to all and feared by many: Hogger.

What happened? Click play on the video above to see – or head over to YouTube to watch the video in higher quality. But know this. He certainly had more bones to gnaw on that day.

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