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Coffin Comics - Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah

So I never really intended on being another WoW.com and only postingĀ Shawn Tommelleo‘s Coffin Comics stuff here, but there’s another brilliant comic out there about something I’ve often complained about. The over abundance of verbage on boss fights. I don’t even raid! I’m talking about just the newer Northrend dungeons! I keep (lucky me) getting stuck in groups with new-ish level 80s and of course that means more… text. If hitting esc fast forwarded the entire process it might be less headache, but yeah. Verbage. Coffin Comics nailed this one on the head. Couldn’t be more true.

Also, after the last comic I posted, I added Coffin Comics to my reader. I’m always down for a good laugh.

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