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By day I'm a mild-mannered hospital worker closely related to the Warcraft 3 peon: "Work work." By night I'm a superhero who tackles juggling many different things at once including old school textile crafts like crocheting and knitting and gaming.

When no one is looking I pretend to be a step-parent, and when people are looking I try to kick some tail in World of Warcraft. Currently working on my 3rd level 80 toon. On a server that is so entirely Horde heavy, it's been a challenge to play an Alliance character, though I have found the game experience is much more enjoyable for me, as weird as that sounds.

I'm a casual gamer who isn't interested in "end game" content. I've had my share of hardcore raiding back in the Everquest days where I lived and breathed EQ. WoW is a love, and I want it to remain that way, and invite friends and strangers alike to come chat with me. I love helping people out. I am *the* random buffer when you run by or are standing at the mailbox. I get more joy out of seeing friends have fun than raiding big bosses. One day I would like the King Slayer title, though. I won't lie.

Wanna chat, come play or level a toon together? Feel free to look for me. I'm currently playing Hestiah, my Druid on Eldre'Thalas-US Alliance. If I'm not logged in as her there's Mailynn (Warlock) and Deianeira (Death Knight) on Area-52 Horde. Feel free to follow me on twitter @hestiahdruid


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