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A cry of joy and delight could be heard across the forums, when Blizzard announced its Battlegroups. There’s beauty in them thar combinations, and the best one is … Eitrigg and Kul Tiras are in one group. I might get to fight alongside my old friend and partner in crime Deadicus again, teach the noob Boltthrower/Paineater a trick or two, and get to kill the living bejeezuz out of that damn gnome mage Jonkichi. A good choice indeed. See ya in WSG.


On Eitrigg the way BGs work most of the time is Alliance gets stomed in WSG and AB, but own AV. Since I play horde, this makes an AV win something extremely rare. In fact, until tonight, I’d ever played a winning around of AV. That’s right, after 2 hours of killing every Gnome, Dwarf, Elf or Humans I laid eyes on we won. In fact it might have even been my wand or SW:P that helped chip away that final HP for the win. I could barely believe it when I saw “Horde Wins” – that is, because I was too distracted by “Inventory full.” Huh? I check my inventory, 3 empty slots.. and no AV Marks of Honor?!! OH! I had about 250 armor scraps, which must have filled up my bags, and prevented me from receiving the Marks of Honor. Of course the armor scraps were deleted the second I left the BG, which was one second too late for the honor. Crap.

Forsaken Basin

map.jpgI’ve been in queue for Arathi Basin for about 8 months. Seriously. Every time I log one of the first things I do is queue up for AB, WSG, and AV.I’ve played more WSG and AV than I know what do about, but yesterday was the first time, with any of my toons, that I’ve ever gotten into AB. What is that all about? It’s not a server thing because I’ve been in the same boat on Khadgar, Stormrage and now Eitrigg. AB is never up, even on AB Bounus Honor weekends. If it sucked I’d write it off as that, but it was a blast. The went really quick (as opposed to WSG which can last hours, or AV which can last days) – I got in 3 times in a row and all 3 rounds lasted under 10 minutes. Of course the horde owned those three rounds as well but that’s to be expected. I just hope I don’t have to wait another 8 months to get in again.

Cross Server Battlegrounds

Seems all is primed for 1.12 or 1.13 to include the long-awaited Cross Server Battlegrounds. “Long awaited” by but a small, but very vocal community. See, the issue (and if you are Horde, you’ll likely not notice) is two-fold in Battlegrounds queues – first, the imbalance between Horde and Alliance makes it much harder for Alliance players to stay in Battlegrounds for an extended amount of time over a few games, and secondly, diminishing returns make it harder for the majority to “farm” honor off the minority faction. The solution, according to those who felt cheated … cross-server BG.

This here player thinks it’s a bad idea. For a number of reasons…

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