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If at some point during the chaos of the next few days you happen to take some screen shots, we want to see ’em and we’ll publish them here as well. You can use our submission form or our flickr group or just e-mail them directly to me at my name (all one word) at – include any kind of link or credit you want. I’m expecting this to be insane.



I’m betting there’s going to be some lag here in the next few hours…

Official Blizzard Midnight BC Releases in California

If you’re in SoCal or SF and having a programmer’s autograph gets your Conjurer’s Breeches of Holy Wrath in a twist, Blizzard’s rocking four official midnight releases tonight. Basically, it just means developers will be on hand signing your copy of BC. Of course, people on the East Coast will have been rolling scantily-clad BE paladins and raping starting level mobs for 3 hours by the time the clock tolls 12 hereabouts, but none of them will have Joe Blow’s carpal-tunnel scrawl on their BC box!

Update: As Mojo points out in the comments, the new content doesn’t go live until midnight PST. So you bastards on the east coast will only have a head start of drive time plus installation time plus possibly infinite queue waiting times.

Eat Your Heart Out


This pic, which is definitely causing heart attacks across the globe right now, was brought to us by Posh. Thanks a ton.

Unscheduled Update

Patch 2.0.4 is live today

Patchnotes do not yet exist as of this writing but I suspect it’s a fix for the BG exploits.

Gold from the Beta Forums

I spend far too much time and energy browsing through the official WoW forums. As a rule, the forums should be avoided. They are depressing, rude, uncivil and for every one post with useful information or heartfelt opinion there are a hundred more with nothing but complaining, rudeness, trolling and endless graphical non-sequiturs. Ya, rly.

That said, there actually are nuggets of valuable information to be found. For example, check out Shattered Hands’ Torondo’s research into the Rare Elite spawns of the Burning Crusade. Rare Elites, of course, are more difficult than other mobs of their type, but they often pack some sweet loot.

The other thing the forums are good for are honest, true stories from players. Check out Zenbi’s tale of being royally jerked around by Best Buy and how she ended up losing her Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition due to their profound incompetence.

Lastly, found over on the wonderful WoW Insider, here is a chart showing the mind-blowing requirements to get into the battle of Mount Hyjal in the Caverns of Time. At a casual glance, I can see that you need to be revered with at least five different factions before you can proceed. Ouch.

Hi there MetroBlogging Azeroth, my name is Mojo and i’ll be writing here about this fictional world we spend too much time in.

Goodluck everyone!

On this “Super Patch day”

May all your mods be updated and all your talent choices be the right ones.

WOW:TBC – Tom Chilton’s AoS all over again?

Tom Chilton (also known as Kalgan or Evocare) might feel a little bit of deja vu these days. Maybe it’s just the time of year, the weather, or the music they play on the radio on his way to work, but more likely it’s an uneasy feeling that something that’s dismissed internally might have repercussions externally.

February 28, 2003, is a day to remember. That very day Ultima Online died. First it was just a more or less subdued roar, then a cry, and then … the once mighty empire of Electronic Arts’ leading MMORP came a-crashing down. Others took its place, players moved into Asheron’s Call and EQ only to be absorbed by World of Warcraft. Such is the nature of migrating societies, such is the course of the entertainment industry.

If today feels familiar to Tom Chilton, it is very likely because of his latest project, The Burning Crusade.

Around Outland

Here’s a few screenshots of visuals around Outland-

Burning Crusade visuals

Burning Crusade visuals


Blizzard Entertainment® today announced that the release date for World of Warcraft®: The Burning Crusade™, the highly anticipated expansion for World of Warcraft, will be in January 2007.

Wow. I don’t think I’d want to be the person that made that decision. Thanks to all the hype, the longer BC takes to arrive the more accounts will stall as players decide that it’s not worth grinding for equipment that will be obsolete once the expansion kicks in. I’m guessing, but I’d also say that the longer players go without the game the more chance of them ultimately not returning.

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