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Australia and the Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition.

Rumours are flying that Australia won’t get the Collector’s Edition. Or maybe there will only be 8,000 for the entire country. Or retailers only get one per 25 normal editions they order. Or one per 100. Blizzard don’t appear to have stepped up to the plate to give any details. Either way, two of my pre-orders just fell through with the following message:

We regret to inform you of the recent announcement that the official Collector’s Edition will not be locally released in Australia as anticipated. Every effort was made to confirm the release with the distributors before posting it on our site, however we have now been told that only a Bonus Edition that will be released locally.

And the third place I put my name down is fairly sure they won’t get any either. Grrr.

Anticipa-a-ation is making me… restrained

Veronica’s screenshots set my mind afrenzy this morning in anticipation of the BC content. However, with the massive changes coming, specifically to PVP, I got to thinking… what content should I be focused on with my main until the expansion? Am I spending a lot of time now on content that will be obsolete in a month?

First impressions

Ok, I’ve made my way to lvl 5 as a Draenei warrior (female named Violette) on the PvP server (only one PvE and PvP server each in the beta). I’ve already leveled a Shammy pretty far in WoW, so I wanted to try a class I hadn’t played before. I did notice that a lot of players were making Shamans, but that makes sense. Alliance hasn’t had the option before, after all.

I like the Draenei starting area, reminds me a little bit of the Night Elf area. People are chatting about bugs they’re finding, I’ve only seen one so far. If you want to see some screen shots I’ve taken, I’ve posted them up on my Flickr page. More soon, but I’m technically supposed to be on a computer vacation (that means I’m supposed to be like, outside and crap. Good timing).

Beta Tester

So I was sitting on the couch last night, watching Project Runway (if they take Jeffery off the show, I’m writing a letter) when I received a new email:

“Welcome to the beta test of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade!

We’re excited to have reached the beta-testing stage for the expansion, and we’d be grateful to have your assistance in finalizing the content. There are a lot of new things to see and do in Azeroth and Outland, and we look forward to receiving any feedback you can offer on your overall expansion-beta experience, including quests, spells/abilities, monsters, zones, aesthetics, and more. We would also appreciate reports on any bugs you may find.”

Booyah!! I entered a beta tester code when I got my Murloc card from BlizzCon, and I’ve been wondering if this email would ever come. I did a happy little WoW dance in my living room, and then sadly rememebered that I was going away for the weekend with my S.O. But on Sunday, I’ll be copying Glaukos over to the test realm, and probably make a lvl 60 to test the end game stuff ! I’m so excited!

Only… 47 hours til it’s done installing. Oops, make that 107 hours. Guess not a lot of people are on the torrent yet. I can wait though, I’ve come this far. Full reports coming, well, eventually.

UPDATE: I’ve learned from a source that there will be no creation of lvl 60 characters to test Outland:

“Please note that we’ll be unable to provide pre-made characters, in-game gold, or in-game items. Closed beta participants will all be able to create brand-new characters to experience the new starting-zone content for the Blood Elves and Draenei, the two new playable races being introduced with the expansion. In addition, those testers with level 55+ characters will be able to copy some of them over to the test realms to take a look at the Outland portion of the expansion beta.”

GAH! This isn’t the same as the last time I was in test realms. Glaukos is only 52. Guess I’ll have to level him quickly.

If you’re ringing about the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition, press 1 now…

The cool version of the Burning Crusade box has been announced. This prompted a range of reactions amongst my friends and I. One friend immediately rang a local EB’s, who had been receiving calls about it all day. He had pre-ordered the boring version, but apparently everyone who had done this with EB’s would get a call offering them a chance to upgrade their pre-order (which is an upselling job I’d actually like to have). Myself and another friend had both put off the pre-order, assuming that either it would be plenty available, or purchasable on-line. We are both now considering pre-ordering the CE, but for exactly the opposite content. I want the in-game pet, the trading card game samples and the mouse mat. He wants whatever the other stuff is.

Still, no one has a firm release date for the product. My current pre-paid card runs out at the end of this month and I’m not renewing until BC is out.

How Will Blood Elves Change Horde?

I spent this weekend levelling a new troll rogue that will become my PvP twink. (I love her, btw!) I’ve never really played on the Horde side – oh, I’ve started a few alts, but then dropped them fairly quickly. This weekend has been interesting, and I’ve very much enjoyed trying to get her to level 16 in a weekend. I even found myself mentally tapping my fingers on my main during BWL, then being very resistant to going on to do Ony quickly because I wanted to get back to my troll alt. (“Yeah, yeah, I got the Nemesis skullcap, I’m close to completing my Tier 2 set, whatever…”)

My question is, how do you think Blood Elves will change Horde?

Overheard at Blizzard HQ

Planner: Soooo, y’alls know why we’re here, today. For the past few months, there’s been an … errrm … perception that Blizzard is favoring Horde over Alliance in its designs.
Dev 1: We do?
Dev 2
: We do?
Planner: Yeah, well, I guess we kinda, sorta, did, a bit.
Dev 2: Hey, we gave Alliance an ezmode raid class. And we gave their Nelfs Shadowmeld…
Dev 1
: … which we nerfed, a few weeks back…
Dev 2
: Yeah, but we made their quests easier, as well. And when Solstice happened we smoked Horde in South Shore while giving Alliance a simple quest to pick up the bombs unflagged.
: But they’re whining about Shamans. And Will of the Forsa…
Dev 1
: Wait, we nerfed WotF to hell and back, too.
Dev 2: And Shamans? Who needs Shamans in raids? All they get to do is sit in Warsong and hope someone takes ’em into BWL on a pity mission.
Planner: But we, at Blizzard, have a solution.
Dev 1: We do?
Dev 2
: Woot, first!
Dev 1: Shut up, we solved that issue with Hunters being useless in raids…
Dev 2: … by overpowering them in PvP. Yeah, that was genius.
Planner: Both of you shut up. So, here’s what we do. First, we’ll give Horde a cute, pretty, race.
Dev 1
: You mean like … Nelfs?
Planner: Exactly. We’ll have to bend the lore a bit, but I think we can get Blood Elves into the Horde.
— Cue the sound of Lore screaming in agony —
Dev 1: And this is going to help us… how? Isn’t that giving a favor to Horde? I mean, their char models all DO look as if they’re afflicted with constant neck pain and a stiff spine.
Dev 2: Yeah! How’s taking Lore out back and shooting her going to help Alliance?
Planner: Waaaait for it, people. Waaaaait for it.
Dev 3: Hey guys, what did I miss?
Dev 1: Horde’s getting Blood Elves.
Dev 3: Sweet, I can be a Belf Warrior.
Planner: Not so hasty.
Dev 1: Hasty?
Planner: Here’s the sheer genius of our plan. We don’t give Belfs Warriors. We give ’em…. tadaaa…. Paladins and Hunters.
Dev 1: PALA… collapses on his chair
— Cue the sound of Lore whimpering her last breath —
Dev 2: NO WARR… collapses in his chair
Planner: Guys, guys, don’t you see the genius in this? Alliance wasn’t disadvantaged due to some racial or class imbalance. All the ten year old kids, morons, low lifes, forty year old unemployed DnD Dungeon Masters, the 500 pound chick that’s the Arts and Crafts overseer for her local SCA chapter, the guy who can’t leave his house because he has this overwhelming urge to flash women in the park… they all rolled Alliance. By giving Horde Boob Elves, preferably in a satin red thong when undressed, making it dance like a slut, we get two thirds of them into Horde. They’ll all re-roll. Add Hunters, and the Legolosers will re-roll. And by giving them Paladins we get the worst of three worlds – pukingly cute Legolancelots for the odd Defender of the Light moron who wants tits, ass, plate, holy spells, and nothing more than to get laid for the first time before he turns forty next week. And we’ll announce the Draenei to be Shamans for the Alliance. And Spaceships. By the time they lapped that up, Lore is already so dead we can just go ahead with our next step and make Onyxia neutral or friendly to Alliance. And we can give them Chainsaws and Laserguns and … everyting … no more lore to worry about. Isn’t that great?
Dev 1: That’s … evil.
Dev 2: Yes, evil. You’ll make Alliance the mature faction… wow.
Planner: Yes! Yes! Yes! We can destroy Horde in one fell swoop.
Dev 3: Out of curiosity, what are you playing?
Planner: Me? Oh, I am a Gnome Warrior.
Devs: A-Ha!

Let’s do the Time Warp Again

Is it April again? Feels like just yesterday, Blizzard graced us with a handful of bad jokes. Must be, because the announcement that Blood Elves will have the option to be Paladins and Draenei Shamans just hit the website.

WOW:TBC quite a ways out?

According to this copy of a screenshot used to sell a WoW:TBC beta invite on eBay (don’t bother looking for it, it was not only pulled but also for the EU/German version), the beta test key won’t be valid until November 2006. If this means we’ll see TBC in time for Christmas (would make sense), or even later (would make people cry), stands to be seen.

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