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Troll Druids Get Epic Flight Form

The folks over at MMO Champion uncovered something interesting: BatTroll! You’ll likely see him swinging from spires in Ogrimmar fighting crime by the light of the moon, striking fear into the hearts of any Alliance who would dare attempt to sneak through the gates and lurk about the city at night.

Seriously, the video above is of the epic flight form that Troll Druids can expect to earn for themselves when they level to the point where they can get it – since currently the only Druids in the game have unique flight forms for their races, you can expect to see more epic flight forms come down the pike before Cataclysm is released next month – now less than a month away!

Still, you have to admit – those guys look ugly as sin, don’t they? Although I admit, seeing them swooping down on me from the skies in PVP would be pretty terrifying.

New Cataclysm Wallpaper – Deathwing Comes to Your Desktop

Blizzard dropped a new Cataclysm wallpaper yesterday, the first in the wallpaper gallery that’s definitely and officially all about Cataclysm. Normally that wouldn’t be too newsworthy on its own, but I mean look at it – it’s fantastic.

You can click the image above to enlarge it and get the 1920 x 1200 version, but I highly recommend you head over to Blizzard’s wallpaper site to let them detect your screen resolution and get you the right one directly. Enjoy!

Discussion :: Cataclysm World Events In-Progress – Is the End Near?

So the end is near, the elementals have started attacking, and the cultists are making their voices heard, and the authorities of the Azerothian factions and groups are busy making sure that the cultists don’t get enough of a voice to turn people to their side, or frighten the masses into panic. And in the middle of it all, you’re there to help.

Now that the world events are starting – the ones that you know already will inevitably lead to Cataclysm – what do you think? Are you ready for the expansion? Do you just want it all over with so the fun can begin? Maybe you’re not even looking at it until the expansion launches fully?

Sound off in the comments – let us know how the end times are working out for you!

Blizzard Adds “Red-Shirted Fact Checker” to Cataclysm Beta!

Remember this guy? Well, thanks to a post over at GeekGirlDiva we learned that Blizzard meant it when they said they would fix that little problem – and then some.

Looks like he’s new in the beta, but the “Red-Shirted Fact Checker” is now standing right next to Falsted Wildhammer, who’s now in Ironforge. Looks like the screenshot above was taken from the horde perspective…I wonder what he says when you click on him if you’re alliance.

Video :: Female Worgen Dance, Now Available in Beta!

The video above broke yesterday, featuring – finally – the animated dance that the female Worgen will get in Cataclysm. Who is it from? Yup – it’s Lady Gaga.

We’ve long been reporting that female Worgen animations simply haven’t been finished and are some of the last things that will likely be ready for the expansion, but here we are with the double-dose of the video above showing off their dance (which is pretty sharp, I might add) and the news that they’re available to play in the beta and the dance is in the beta as well, so if you don’t believe your eyes when watching the video above, you can roll one now and give it a try yourself!

Deathwing is Coming

A pretty epic post over at the official forums is reminding us that Deathwing isn’t planning to make his re-emergence into Azeroth a one-time, forget-about-it deal. He’s serious about this whole “destruction far and wide” thing. Quoth the Zarhym:

One of Azeroth’s oldest adversaries will soon tear through the Elemental Plane to reforge the world in flame, but this foe won’t be conducting his reign of terror from the confines of a castle or lair. Deathwing is a destructive force the likes of which adventurers have yet to see in World of Warcraft, and his appetite for devastation can only be satisfied by the shattering of the world. Following his explosive escape from Deepholm, Deathwing will cast a deadly shadow over the people of Azeroth as he wreaks indiscriminate havoc across the land.

Once free to terrorize the world, Deathwing will randomly choose territories in Azeroth to attack each day until his ruinous reign is brought to an end. A blackened sky will be the only warning before every living creature caught in his approach is consumed by his terrible fire. The unfortunate victims of his malice will receive a rare Feat of Strength… as well as a repair bill and corpse run.

When Deathwing returns, you’d best keep your eyes on the skies.

Apparently Deathwing isn’t messing around, and some of the video footage out there already proves the point – if you’re in the path of fire when he comes by torching your zone, you can kiss your ass goodbye. But hey – you get an achievement!

Video :: Blizzcon Reveal – Worgen Cinematic Movie

If you weren’t sure whether or not the Worgen were going to be awesome, and you were curious about what the Worgen starting experience was going to be like, there’s a little news for you out of Blizzcon – the video above is the Worgen cinematic, in all of its wonderful glory.

The humans of Gilneas are very Victorian; as opposed to the medieval/renaissance style of the humans of Stormwind; it’s interesting to see how they’re all shaping up ahead of the release of the game.

If seeing it above isn’t enough for you, head over to YouTube to see it in full-screen!

Video :: Blizzcon Reveal – Cataclysm Login Screen

Revealed at Blizzcon today, this is the new login screen once Cataclysm is released and installed, featuring a very angry Deathwing perched atop a well-torched and crispy Stormwind.

The login music has been changed, of course, and one of the tidbits we’ve picked up from word out of the Blizzcon music panel is that the Stormwind theme has been reworked (finally!) to be a bit more mournful and tragic, which makes sense considering where Deathwing’s first stop after breaking free was.

The video is also available in glorious 720p widescreen – head over to YouTube to see the whole thing.

Cataclysm’s Minimum System Requirements Revealed

Blizzard has finally taken the wraps off of what the minimum system requirements on the back of the box for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will be, and here they are:

The minimum system requirements for World of Warcraft are:

Windows XP 32bit (SP3), Windows XP 64bit (SP2), Windows Vista 32bit (SP1), Windows Vista 64bit (SP1):
* Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500
* 1GB or more of RAM
* NVIDIA® GeForce® FX or ATI Radeon™ 9500 video card or better
* DirectX-compatible sound card or motherboard sound capability
* 25 GB free hard drive space
* A keyboard and mouse are required. Input devices other than a mouse and keyboard are not supported
* You must have an active broadband Internet connection to play

Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.4, or newer:
* Intel Core Duo processor
* 2 GB RAM
* 25 GB free hard drive space
* A keyboard and mouse are required. Input devices other than a mouse and keyboard are not supported.
* You must have an active broadband Internet connection to play

The recommended system requirements for World of Warcraft are:

Windows XP 32bit (SP3), Windows XP 64bit (SP2), Windows Vista 32bit (SP1), Windows Vista 64bit (SP1) Windows 7:
* Dual-core processor, such as the Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2
* 2 GB RAM (2 GB for Vista users)
* 3D graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability with 256 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or ATI Radeon™ 2600 or better DirectX-compatible sound card or motherboard sound capability
* Broadband Internet connection
* Multi-button mouse with scroll wheel recommended

Mac® OS X 10.6.4 or newer:
* Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor
* NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT or ATI Radeon™ HD 4670 or better
* 4 GB RAM
* 3D graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability with 128 MB VRAM such as an ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA 7600 class card or better
* Multi-button mouse with scroll wheel recommended

Frankly, any computer purchased or built in the past 5 years should suffice for the game, and the minimum system requirements don’t represent a shift at all upward significantly when compared to the system requirements of the original game or either of the previous two expansions.

So now that the recs are out, what do you think? Still planning a new rig for Cataclysm or are you comfortable with the one you have? Let us know in the comments!

Video :: Cataclysm Cinematic Intro Unveiled!

If you haven’t seen this yet, or if you just need a place you know you can come back to find a link to it, make sure to bookmark this entry. Seriously.

The cinematic openings for each expansion have all been amazing, but this one is particularly epic, and shows our soon-to-be nemesis in all of his astounding, fiery glory as he breaks through the elemental plane and the surface of Azeroth, rending the world asunder with effects range far and wide.

Full screen this puppy to watch it in its original wide-screen hotness, or head over to YouTube to see it there!

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