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Phat Loot

Although I can’t remember when I got it — some level in the 20s, maybe? — I’ll never forget where I got it: the lighthouse in Westfall. I got it from a ghost pirate, which is maybe the best kind of pirate there is (LeChuck, I’m looking in your direction). It’s the Buckler of the Seas, and it is without a doubt the most spectacular treasure I’ve won in World of Warcraft.

See, it’s a ship’s wheel, right? But you hold it like a shield. Or you strap it to your back and it makes you fly. (In other words, “aesthetically pleasing,” as M. Doughty taught us.) (Also, yes, that’s a Rocketeer joke, too — those of you who know The Rocketeer are the most awesome.)

I carried that damn shield around probably six or seven levels past its usefulness. Then I kept it in my backpack for awhile, in case whatever boring off-the-rack higher-level ginormous shield I was using for real got trashed in battle. Even after I got that prestigious kite shield from the Watchers in Darkshire, I held on to my Buckler of the Seas. Right now, the gift of the ghost pirate is safe in my deposit box, in the Bank, just in case I want to wear it out some night. It is so rad.

What about you? You got some crazy piece of loot locked up in the Bank just because you dig it too much to throw it out?

I just paid 20 Gold for WHAT?

When the Tier 0-Set upgrade was announced, I was pleased as punch. Since I haven’t been able to enter the depths of the Molten Core as of yet, I was glad to upgrade some parts of my weak, weak set to something stronger. So as soon as the patch was applied and the servers back up, I jogged to the friendly lady in King Magni’s throne room and accepted her quest. 15 blood samples, coming right up.

After a trip to Winterspring and an extensive hunting session, I returned to her to claim my prize – the Darkmantle Bracers. They do look stylish, I give them that. But what about the all-important stats, in comparison to the Shadowcraft Bracers?

  • +8 Armor
  • +7 Strength

Wow. That’s it? Fantastic. Amazing. I never felt so nerfed in my virtual life before. With that and the current “Rebalancing attempts” by Blizzard, the guild I’m in considers reassigning Rogues from Damage Dealer to Healer. Oh well.

The upside is that the requirements for the collection of heads have been changed – no more Hexxer head needed, which just made me the proud owner of a belt of preserved heads. Just what the witch doctor prescribed.

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