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Best Guild URL Ever!

As some folks may know I have a guild called We No. It’s the horde side sister guild of We Know. Anyway, We Know has a website which is basically a front page and a forum and wiki that we both share. That site is which confuses a lot of people who don’t know that websites don’t have to end in “.com” but that’s beside the point. The front of that page is very alliance. The main pages on the forum and wiki are very alliance. But a few levels down there’s crazy horde love going on. Of course this requires digging a few levels down for that and we were increasingly getting messages in game from people who went to our website “but it was just allinace stuff” so we decided we needed our own front page that was horde specific, and would then point to the same content as the We Know site. So we started looking for URL options. was almost picked and we decided on the simpler which seemed like a fantastic idea until I found out I needed to have all kinds of European tax ID info that, not being European, I didn’t have. So it was back to the drawing board. And then Sabocat, the greatest guildie in the history of URL thinking up guildies suggested the best thing ever: which I was almost not able to stop laughing long enough to buy moments later. And I fully expect “.org” to be the new WoW main TLD.

De-Elfing the Horde

For the Horde. “What can you do?” asks Skirmish, our Warrior. “You either roll Alliance and have Night Elves or Horde and get Blood Elves. Where can a man go and smash faces without having to tolerate that bouncy crap around?”

Skirmish and others might get help from an unexpected angle. As far as I know, about 60 to 80 Horde players on varying realms have purchased new accounts and silently re-rolled Alliance. The one and only goal? To eradicate all Blood Elf spawns on Day One. Rogues, Warlocks, and Priests seem to be the popular choices, classes ranging from Gnomes to Dwarves, few humans, and – of course – no Night Elves.

The “Bloody Elves? Not in my Horde!” bumper sticker sold over 800 times since its announcement on the forums, guild petitions to not admit any BEs into established groups, and personal pledges to “neither group with, help, or otherwise further” the “worst case of landmass infestation since the Scourge”.

I, for one, just got my Gnome to 48. That should be enough to stealth in, kick some Mushroom Vendor butt, and Vanish out. But just in case, I’ll add some more levels.

Buy those crystals while you can…

Hey folks, the patch 1.11 test realms are live and with them we get news of the new 40 man instance Naxxrammas. As you can see from the image below, attunement looks like it’s going to be pretty expensive. f you’ve got the gold handy I’d recommend buying the crystals before the patch goes live and prices skyrocket.


Alliance vs. Horde: Why We Love Our Faction

If you play World of Warcraft long enough, you get develop a certain amount of personal association with your character – even in a game with very little character customization, your character is yours.

This can lead to all sorts of interesting developments. For instance, you might vigorously defend the virtues of your hunter against the “Hunterz r on EZ” folks at the official forums. You might also claim to be one of the few players with a true appreciation for the gnome race, a personal connection borne from the struggle against constant /pat harassment.

More Fun With Shadow Priests


Forgot I took this screenshot when Paineater was lvl 45, but with all his +dmg gear and shadowy goodness, that’s proof in the pudding, so to speak. Currently at lvl 47, with a 6% crit rate, faces are melted on a daily basis.

More Blood Elves Info

In addition to the screenshots I took of Blood Elves at e3 yesterday I was able to get one of the Blizzard guys to show me some of the production art for the racial specialties, such as the Blood Elf specific mount. This is concept art but you’ll get the idea, I think it’s pretty much what we were expecting but very cool to see it actualized like this. And no, there is no way I’m giving up the name of the leak for fear of his job and future tips. So anyway, here is the image.

Growing Up Horde, Part I

So, in the process of our Metroblogging Azeroth introductions to each other, Jonas Luster and I got in a heated back and forth regarding Alliance and Horde players. Who they are as people, why they choose a particular faction, etc. I got my feelings hurt, I’ll be honest — although that may just be because I’m a wussy Alliance Night Elf. However, after stepping back from it for a week or so to think about it, I decided to take Jonas up on his challenge: level a Horde character to at least 30, and see how you feel.

And it’s a fair request; play the game from both sides from more than a “Hey, lemme check out Undercity” kind of view, and really have an unbiased opinion. So I started a new character and joined up with our sister Horde guild. She’s a Troll Hunter — and while this is the class I play on the Alliance side, I wanted to play something that I could level easily and really enjoy the content on the Horde side. (Plus, I am all about some hunter.)

Very first impression? Troll animations are sweet. Like, seriously sweet. Although my dance makes me feel like I should be wearing patchouli and listening to Widespread Panic, it beats the pants off the NE hooker dance any day of the week, and it’s nice to actually look like you’re dodging when you dodge. Also, I love my feet. They are sturdy feet and I’m convinced that they will serve me well. So, anyways…

World Defense Pays Off


Being a fan of the PvP, I’m on the World Defense channel in addition to Local Defense. Today several of us from We No happened to be near XR when we started getting tons of “under attack” notifications so we decided to see what was up. Usually it’s one or two folks attacking guards trying to get some people to come fight. Today, it was what seemed to be an enitre guild. A solid 20-30 lvl 60’s attacking. Right away it was on. We sent out the call to friends and in moments had our own solid defense and stomped the crap of the pesky attackers. Here’s a few screen caps I took. The achilles heal of this attack was that it all hinged on one guy named Aurthor or something like that. He stood in the back and yelled out orders and very quickly we realized that he was their leader. Why they weren’t using a raid chat channel I have no idea, but that they were allinace it was probably because they were 12 years old and don’t understand things like that. :-P Anyway, as soon as we took him out, their whole plan fell apart. And the same with each time they regrouped and came back. They finally gave up and all was right with the world.


I 3 My Orcish Orphan

It’s Children’s Week in Azeroth, and Horde and Alliance alike tend to their orphans. Mine is called Orgh, and he’s a true Horde. My first trip with him will be to the Mor’Shan Rampart, where “we push back those smelly Night Elves”. A little man after my taste. I might take him into EPL with me, and show him what we do with those smelly Night Elves when we’re not pushing them back at Mor’Shan.

Here’s to you, Orgh, zug zug.

Blue Moon Odds and Ends

Blue Moon

There’s this little shop in the Apothecarium in Undercity, and they sell just one item, a Field Testing Kit. I wandered by there, time and time again, wondering, what the hell is this used for? Why a special merchant and vendor? What’s this all about.

Today I found out. If I never see Alessandro again, it will be far too soon. If I have to kill another goddamn scorpid or hyena or basilisk and test its goddamn remains again, so help me god, I’m gonna be ill.

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