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How to play WoW Good

The folks over at Not Addicted have written up what might be the best PvP primer in the history of WoW. Everything you need to know is covered, and since it’s written from the perspective of a lvl 1 Orc on his first day in Winterspring, it’s not too hard to follow.



Funny XR PvP story to share,

(first line sung to the Brady Bunch theme)

Here’s a story…. About a lvl 43 Alliance hunter……… Who ventured to the XR with his lvl 60 friends.

As his friends and I and a few other Horde were fighting and dying he made sure to taunt, spit on and laugh at all us Horde, UNFLAGGED of course. After an hour or so and in between battles he must have decided that he needed to explore XR’s interior. He cast “eyes of the beast” on his pet and sent him off to XR’s front gate. DOH!, guess he didn’t realize that when his pet attacks a guard THEY BOTH FLAG.

Intercept, whirlwind and a mortal strike later he wasn’t laughing, spitting, pointing or living. And, just to make sure we all know what type of loser we were dealing with…… The little Alliance sh*t didn’t even show up to claim his body.

lmao, pwned, lrn2shtUrFaceidEothntrloZr

Missed it by *that* much

rank5pain.jpgThe only thing worse than logging in and seeing that you slacked too much the previous week and droped a PvP rank, is logging in and seeing no room left in your honor bar meaning if you’d run one more BG or something you probably would have jumped up a rank. Crap. And since this week is AV bonus honor weekend and horde never wins that, I’ve got to wait until next week for WSG to rack up the bonus wins. Blech.

Playing flagged, the update


Wow, playing flagged sure is fun……NOT

1. First encounter was a lvl 60 hunter who waited until I was at 25% health fighting a 54 Elite Dragon to kill me. Then he waited close by and would kill me the second I re spawned with no health. Finally I waited until he was fighting a mob, re spawned, got on my mount and rode off to get back to full health. He chased me the entire way to the flight path and then I realised he was unflagged. I left the protection of the flight path with full health, rode down the hill, dismounted and told him to bring it on. Chicken Alliance POS wouldn’t flag and fight like a man. So, I left.

2. I’m sititng in XR flagged and Paranoid goes off telling me theres a stealthed rogue nearby. I start riding around in circles all over XR so I won’t get backstabbed. 15 minutes later I’m bored stiff. I stop running, he backstabs me, kidney shots me, I get in some hits, get a nice overpower but die. I respawn, ride around with another warrior, the rogue unstealths we charge, he gets away stealthed and I’m back to riding around in circles for an hour. Where is the fun in having to ride around in circles for hours?

I don’t mind getting my ass kicked, I’m a PvP n00b. I expect to lose and learn and really do appreciate a good fight. But, if this is going to be my flagged life night after night I’m going to have to roll up the flag until the 4th.

Playing Flagged


I’ve decided to play Deadicus as a flagged for PvP warrior on Stormrage. Why? Theres a different edge to the game knowing I could get jumped at any given moment. Innocent pursuits such as mining become a lot less tedious when you need to keep checking your backside. I’ve started to play WSG and AV a little bu t I think I like the danger of the flagged world better.

Being new to the world of gank is already giving me some troubles. I mostly solo around Azeroth and am a BIG target just waiting to get ganked. People jumping out from behind trees, stealthed rogues and groups of Alliance players are some of my day one encounters. I’m looking for some advice from other PvP players so that I can stay alive a little bit longer.

1. Any addons that alert me to nearby hostile players.
2. Situations to avoid. Baiting by low level flagged players is one I’ve heard of.
3. Tactics to keep my ass alive.

Alliance vs. Horde: Why We Love Our Faction

If you play World of Warcraft long enough, you get develop a certain amount of personal association with your character – even in a game with very little character customization, your character is yours.

This can lead to all sorts of interesting developments. For instance, you might vigorously defend the virtues of your hunter against the “Hunterz r on EZ” folks at the official forums. You might also claim to be one of the few players with a true appreciation for the gnome race, a personal connection borne from the struggle against constant /pat harassment.

World Defense Pays Off


Being a fan of the PvP, I’m on the World Defense channel in addition to Local Defense. Today several of us from We No happened to be near XR when we started getting tons of “under attack” notifications so we decided to see what was up. Usually it’s one or two folks attacking guards trying to get some people to come fight. Today, it was what seemed to be an enitre guild. A solid 20-30 lvl 60’s attacking. Right away it was on. We sent out the call to friends and in moments had our own solid defense and stomped the crap of the pesky attackers. Here’s a few screen caps I took. The achilles heal of this attack was that it all hinged on one guy named Aurthor or something like that. He stood in the back and yelled out orders and very quickly we realized that he was their leader. Why they weren’t using a raid chat channel I have no idea, but that they were allinace it was probably because they were 12 years old and don’t understand things like that. :-P Anyway, as soon as we took him out, their whole plan fell apart. And the same with each time they regrouped and came back. They finally gave up and all was right with the world.

So there I was outside Zul’Gurub….

I had parked my self outside the instance last night for our ZG run tonight. I logged in this evening and notice there is about 15 to 20 Alliance in the immediate area. I sat down and I see one Alliance flagged. I decided to flag up as well and then see if they attack me. I thought maybe they would leave me alone as I presented no threat to them and was not attacking anybody.

One paladin got right in front of me and started dancing and then laughed. I grinned at him. Shorly after that I was stunned by a Paladin. I’m not sure who did it but I sat down again. Shortly after that a Rogue sneaks up behind me and ambushes me. I got one Intimidating Shout off before the FIVE alliance killed me.

Way to go. You can kill me five vs one. You guys ROCK!!!!

When PvP encounters create RL issues…

While the truth of this story can not be ascertained, it’s possible. The following is a link to YTMD, a fave spot to upload such whackyness recorded in the World of Warcraft. Listen to it, first, lest I might spoil some of the conclusions.

Sportsman Like PvP?

paineater.jpgHere’s a bit of a weird situation that came up last night during some world PvP that I wanted to get some other opinions on. It’s no secret that I like the PvP, and I generally consider myself pretty fair and on the level as far as that goes. I won’t camp corpses, I don’t attack people many lvls below me out of no where, and I think tricking people into flagging who don’t want to be flagged is a big no no. However having gotten into a lot of real fights with people as a kid I think a lot of real world things apply – once the fight is on, it’s on and not getting your ass kicked is goal number one. With world PvP I’m about as stubburn as I am in real life as well, if you kill me I’ll come back and if you kill me again I’ll be back again and I’ll keep coming back until I kill you or until you run away. I might get pwnd, but you’ll remeber the fight.

So with this past weekend being bonus honor in WSG and Paineater being lvl 45 I was playing him a solid group of WSG runs back to back (We can do that horde side, neener!). I kept getting WordDefenseNotices that Splintertree Post was under attack – for at least an hour I was getting them pretty regularly in fact. When I finally wasn’t able to get back into WSG I decided to head over there and see what the action was. I pinged a few guildies and some said they’d be there as well. I got there first and found 3 lvl 55 and up alliance killing a whole pack of lvl 40 and under horde who had shown up for the fight. One of them was a lvl 60 Pally who I’ve run into numerous times in world PvP before he was lvl 60. In fact he must have been doing some serious grinding because last time I fought him he was only 2-3 lvls above me. And I smoked him! So anyway…

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