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So close, yet so far

My deadline has come and gone, and I am still at level 58. Le sigh. The brass ring illudes me because something odd happened at this level.

I ran out of solo-able quests.

So here I am, so close to 60, and all I have are a handful of (Elite) quests, and about 10 BRD quests. Last week, there were only three 60s in my guild, but we merged with Imperium Brotherhood over the weekend. Hopefully, with the larger ranks, I can get some questing done between classes.

Gamer 101

– Guest Author Victoria Stewart

If Blizzard really wants to see the game properly, the developers should have to play the game for at least 2 hours with a 7 year old. Every detail is scrutinized, every unclear instruction debated, every over simplified storyline has to be filled in and God forbid there should be a glitch.

I was in Darnassus with my 7 year old when suddenly she jumped off the second story of a building and sat down in the water near by and refused to move or talk.

Getting up to speed, part II

I have abandoned my quest for “tier 0.5”, otherwise known as Dungeon Set 2. This article outlines pretty much all the problems with it.


Here are some good details of post-Scourge stuff for after your server has won 150 battles. (Shadow Council did it early Sunday morning, my time, so my Sunday morning crew just missed the temporary Scarlet Monastery graveyard boss.)

8 days after the Scourge invaded Proudmoore, the invasion is over. The new Scourge bosses have all disappeared from the instances, and the necrotic runestones are no longer spawning around the countryside. All that’s left are Argent Dawn agents in each of the capital cities handing out greater marks of the Dawn like candy.

Thankfully, the collection quests from Light’s Hope Chapel are still there, and will remain a permanent fixture. So get grinding for your 18-slot bags, people!

Also, those of you who found letters and missives and handed them to the Keeper of the Rolls at LHC, probably would have received one or more sealed research reports in the mail. They aren’t supposed to start a quest or give you any additional conversation options, they are simply meant to direct you to NPCs who can sell you friendship bread and freshly squeezed lemonade

— From the Black Swan Guardians BBS, thanks Jeremy

Blue Moon Odds and Ends

Blue Moon

There’s this little shop in the Apothecarium in Undercity, and they sell just one item, a Field Testing Kit. I wandered by there, time and time again, wondering, what the hell is this used for? Why a special merchant and vendor? What’s this all about.

Today I found out. If I never see Alessandro again, it will be far too soon. If I have to kill another goddamn scorpid or hyena or basilisk and test its goddamn remains again, so help me god, I’m gonna be ill.

WTF is a Samophlange?!

Yes I used WTF for 2 posts in a row. Sue me. So one of the things I love about World of Warcraft are their obscure references to just the most random shit. Like the quest I was recently on for the Samophlange. So the Samophlange comes from the old cartoon Thundercats. But it’s got an even more specific reference to a soundclip from a set of flubs that got out about 8 or 9 years ago. I kept them around because they’re just a ton of fun. So if you are looking for a Samophlange here’s why :-)

If you want the whole set of flubs grab em here.

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