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Official Forums v.2

Blizzard recently announced the beta for the new World of Warcraft forums.

It loads quite quickly (though that could be the relatively smaller volume of posts and users on the new system). It looks very nice, too.

Most notably, the character avatars are updated, with new images for different class/level/race combinations.

As with all betas, a little bit of a bug has crept in, specifically on the character choice screen (which lets you pick which character you’d like to post as): it shows all of your alts, even the ones you’ve long since deleted.

Inside the Dalaran Bubble


Over on the official Eitrigg Realm WoW forums a hunter named Bann from the guild Lords of Camage has posted an image from inside the Dalaran Bubble. Apparently he stood very near the wall and his pet ran inside of the Bubble, so he used Eyes of the Beast to see what was inside. Turns out nothing is in there (yet) but it’s kind of cool to see this forbidden area none the less.

Flickr Delisting WOW screenshots?

Slashdot is reporting that Flickr is delisting screenshots from online worlds, most notably WOW and Second Life because their content is “non-photographic”. Sorry guys, I have to disagree. Just because the subject matter in the shot is virtual, there’s still an art to setting up a good screenshot. Turning off the interface, rotating the point of view just right, setting your screen to its highest resolution and depth, it’s just like setting the ISO and shutter and aperture on a film or digital camera, just in a different space.

Of course, I don’t to add to the FUD right off the bat, as some of my shots are still in my photostream, but if this is going on, we’re gonna need to be raising a ruckus.



Given that I’ve already posted a triple-head screen shot, this dual-head shot is a bit of an anti-climax, but I’ve been trying to play on two screens while I wait for the TripleHead2Go to arrive in Australia (at a 30% premium on the US price, sods) and I thought you all might be interested in some of things I’ve been doing to cope with the break in the centre of the desktop…

A Prayer for a Pig

O hear me, Lord Warcraft-Equivilent-God-Figure-Whose- Name-I-Don’t-Know-Because-I’m-Too-Lazy-To-Learn- Any-Of-That-Lore-Stuff!

Please take care of my beloved boar, Orson. He knows not what he does. Most of the time.

Wanderlust: Sar’Theris Strand

My frequent partner in crime and I have long roamed the far reaches of Azeroth, for no other reason than to see what Blizzard hath wrought in the vast spaces between quest paths and farm trails.

One area of note is the Sar’Theris Strand, located in the northernmost beach of Desolace.

There isn’t much to see there, except for the occasional naga; the mob density here is low, and there are few quests that require a player to come out this far. As a result, the many characters who trek across the deserts of Desolace miss one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in a video game: the Strand’s coral reef.

This region was designed with care and with an eye to simple aesthetics. The reefs themselves serve no purpose but an artistic one.


To those who say there is no art in video games, I would direct their attention to this. It’s but a small part of Azeroth, and a part that few people see. That’s a shame, to be sure – artists and designers took great care in creating the Strand; it shows in every jutting rock and every crop of purple coral.

It is for this reason above most others that I like the Strand so much. The care and concern shown in its creation amount to a very small return to what had to be a large investment of time. The designers didn’t care that nobody was going to see it – it exists simply to exist, a testament to their talent and skill. What else could this be but art?

This isn’t a new Alliance race or a new 40-man raid instance, but it is no less worthy of our enjoyment.

Some screenshots from the beta.

I just posted some old screnshots on Flickr that I took during the Beta.

Click here to see two Guardians of Blizzard.

Fishing during the beta left many bobbers on the water. I think Blizzard was experimenting with how to combat fishing bots. This was near Southshore.

Blizzard Construction Co. This was in Deadwind Pass.

World Terrain Some interesting terrain I found during the beta. This was between Thelsamar and Dun Morogh.

Another World Terrain screenshot This was also in the same general area. It looks like someone took a huge eraser and erased some of the snow.

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