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VoIP in Warcraft

I’m sure that you’ve all read the accounts of the in-game voice chat that Blizzard is planning. Some people like it, some people hate it (if they ever roll it out to general channels, we’re ALL going to hate it), but it does raise some interesting points. Lag may be an issue, and as a female gamer I’m not looking forward to using it in PUGs.

The interesting issue, for me, is that of the effect on virtual personas. Online, ingame, you can be anyone you want. You can be someone in complete opposition to who you are in real life, which is probably a good thing for people who are put in pigeonholes based on physical appearance, sex, etc. Once you introduce rl elements to your virtual world, however, you lose a lot of the freedom you have to be who and what you want to be.

The Zen of Grinding

I have a routine for most mornings, as I drink my coffee and wake up, prior to getting ready for work. I grind.

My 70 hunter is the breadwinner for most of my other alts. Depending on what I need, she’ll do a circuit around Terrokar from Allerian Stronghold (hides/felscale, dampscale baskilisk eyes, blackened basilisk and warp burgers plus two to four green items for the AH), or Nagrand (clefthoof leather, roasted clefthoof, green items, motes of air and earth from the elementals, cloth from ogres) or Elemental Plateau if I’ve had insomnia and have gotten up really early. Sometimes I fish, mainly to get Golden Fishsticks so that I can make nice to healers.

It should be boring, but is not…you get into a rhythmn, especially on a character that doesn’t have a lot of downtime. There’s something quite peaceful in the repetitive actions, and although not very exciting, grinding is rewarding in its own way. Fishing is much the same, although I can only fish for short periods of time before becoming restless – I think mainly because you have to concentrate on the bobber. What do you think? Do you enjoy grinding, is it a necessary evil, or do you just buy everything on the AH?


It took a 40-man raid, half a dozen hunter’s traps, a bucket of chicken and Hode but we managed the impossible. We captured a murloc – Alive!

You would be amazed what you can do with an Orb of Deception, a dozen Thorium Widgets and 2 gnomish engineers. Our engineers have assured me that there are absolutely no bugs whatsoever in the translation matrix, and there have been no deaths in the most recent round of testing.

So Finally Here is The English/Murloc Translator


Solo Survivability

Part of the reason why I really enjoy playing my hunter is because she is so suited for solo play, grinding, and just plain survivability. My warlock’s spec is far more suited to raid dps than solo play, so I tend to only bring her out for Karazhan or five-man instances; I don’t spend solo time with her. When things really get hairy, the hunter has tons of survival tricks: traps, feign death, wingclip and run, you name it. Unless I do something extremely stupid, she can survive most things. I tend to solo a lot, so she is my favourite character, and I spend most of my non-raiding time with her.

What is your favourite solo class? What do you enjoy playing the most, and which classes have most survivability?

(PS: Speaking of survivability, I started a Draenei paladin last night. :D I suspect I’ll get bored with levelling her, but I was amused last night at how effective she is – set her to attack a target, and I could go away and read for a bit while she whacked away at it….slooooowly, but always successfully. I was running into groups of blood elves to try to liven things up. As a 70, I have a complete loathing of evil chicken-riders, so it was quite satisfying for my little pally to totally kick belf butt…lol, lowbie payback.)

Interesting Post on Peer Pressure in WoW

The always thought-provoking Tobold has posted a follow-up to his Is the Burning Crusade reshuffling guilds? post, entitled Peer pressure.

This is something that I’ve written about before, and something that obviously has affected a lot of raiding guilds post-TBC. Whether your guild has survived or not, you’ve become aware of these issues. My long-term guild saw exactly this scenario, and I was part of a group who splintered off. (We’re doing just fine, thanks, and as of yesterday have enough people for two Karazhan runs. The guild is founded upon being nice to each other, we’re not going to split spouses who like to play together, we’re helping everyone get attuned, and we understand that life come first. So it’s not all bad.)

What do you think? Aside from the Burning Crusade clich├ęs of elitism and the A Team and B Team splits, have you experienced peer pressure to level faster, to get attuned, to keep up with the class? Or were you able to pick your own path?

Like A Virgin

It’s great to find something that makes the game exciting in a different way, that makes you anxious to log in, that makes it all brand new. For me recently, that has been playing my baby Draenei priest. I’ve never played a healing class before, as I’m used to ranged and caster DPS classes. This has been a lot of fun…and do you know what? I wouldn’t mind making her my main someday.

I’ve sat and read books in between bouts of button-mashing in Naxx on my lock, enjoying the experience of raiding with my guild, but not nervous or challenged in any way. And then, this weekend I sat with pulse racing while trying to keep a party alive. The instance? Stockades. :)

What have you found recently that makes it all new and shiny for you? Was it discovering roleplaying, or PvP? Playing a new class? Playing Horde for a change, or Alliance?

Now, if I could just remember to heal the darned pets…

Alts: When Is Enough, Enough?

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in a kind of lull where I’m just not as excited about playing. Both my main characters are 70, I left a guild that I’d been in for a long time, helped form a new one, and we’re getting new members attuned for raiding. I’m a bit burned out on questing and grinding, so I’ve been turning away from the computer on nights when I would normally have played. And then I went back to my baby Draenei priest.

I do enjoy playing her. I’m looking forward to playing a healing class in instances, since that will be a totally new experience. I love the way she looks, with her chunky hooves, pigtails and vaguely Eastern-European accent. And yet…the thought of taking another character all the way to 70, through all of the old content, through all of that grinding, just makes me tired.

When do you say enough is enough?

Tales of a Wow n00b: Day 3

I should really have titled this post “General Asshattery” but I have a little more self respect than that, but only slightly.

First, I want to thank all the gracious and kind commenters on yesterday’s post. Your suggestions and advice were invaluable. As a true Wow n00b and someone who has logged next to zero hours in this or any other MMOG in the last few hours, the few simple tricks have been the most helpful.

Keep reading for my small realizations that have been a huge help.

The Daily Blink: #4


Whimsy in Garadar

Dancing in the nest

Originally uploaded by tbridge.

I love good whimsy in my games, and the quest line that features the Jump-a-tron 4000 is quite possibly one of my favorite “Silly” quests in WoW. Well done, Blizz, this one has kept me laughing all day. Challenging, fun, and good rewards, to boot.

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