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Damage Per Second

Damage Per Second

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This is my DPS for the Jeklik fight we did tonight on Eitrigg after all the NPCs & Mobs came back. I’m specc’d heavy into Affliction with some Demonology to back it up, and this was the first time out running with all five DoTs hot. Wow, can those things pump out some serious damage. Unstable Affliction is a second Corruption. Damn, I love this patch.

The patch could be going a bit smoother.


Well after day two of the patch the servers are still plagued by bizarre problems. My server had no NPCs. ANYWHERE. No fires. No furniture. Just a vast howling empty landscape.

Left to their own devices though, WoW players came through with some exciting impromptu content.

Some people explored the unexplorable (at their level) racking up huge XP.
The Horde raided Stormwind and the Alliance took the Undercity.
Of course a lot of hearthstones were used after the rolling restart brought back the NPCs.

And lots of people just took a leisurely tram or zeppelin ride just for the joy of it.

Social Networking for Gamers

Some interesting news today (found via Wonderland who linked to Gamespot, who referenced the original BusinessWeek article, which I won’t link to because I’m not a fan of content that you need to sell your soul to read): Shawn Fanning, creator of Napster, is turning his talents to online gaming social networking.

This is quite interesting to me personally, as my non-WoW time is spent as the Web Director of a new social networking startup that plans to incorporate a 3D MMORPG-type environment for use as a social space as well as a game environment. Virtual worlds, virtual personas, and the dynamics of relating to online friends in a game environment are what I originally signed up to write here.

And with that, skip to the (possibly) boring stuff…

Strat and Scholo: The New Shadowfang Keep?

Relmstein over at The Many Relms of Relmstein had an extremely thought-provoking post: Can the Current Level 60 Dungeons be Saved? In it he makes several very good points about how the Burning Crusade will affect current dungeons. If players indeed experience the same difficulty level in doing Scholomance as doing Hellfire Citadel, but with lower-level rewards, why should players run the older instances? Will Scholomance become a rarely-run dungeon along the lines of Shadowfang Keep?

What do you think would be be best way to handle this issue? As he points out, the option that Blizzard seems to be taking is to ignore the older content, which would be a shame. It seems a much better solution to rebalance the difficulty level of the older content, so that those areas remain a feasible option for mid-level players.

Nice post, and bound to generate discussion. What do you think?

The Long Wait

Every blog I’ve read recently has mentioned pre-BC burnout and ennui. Our guild has been doing Naxx runs with 35 members, whereas previously we’ve always had more people than slots available. We’ve had guild members go on hiatus until after the expansion is released, since grinding our way through instances seems very pointless when we all know that BC greens and blues are better than the gear that we can get now. Part of this may be the disappointment that everyone felt after the official release date was announced (no November release despite what had been listed on Amazon, etc.).

Tobold’s MMORPG Blog has an interesting post on Measuring World of Warcraft Burnout. “The number of people quitting isn’t really relevant, the health of the game depends on the difference between the number of people joining and the number of people leaving. So how do we measure whether there is a general burnout of World of Warcraft players in this pre-expansion time?”

How has it changed your experience of the game? If you’re in a raiding guild, are you experiencing raid burnout and poor attendance? Knowing that your rank will be wiped out at some unspecified date in the near future, are you joining BGs less frequently? Or are you still finding the same joy in the game?

Strapped for Cash

I was reading an interesting post on Terra Nova today, Endgames and Expansions, regarding the nature of raiding and endgame and what will happen to WoW after the raid cap changes in BC. That’s another discussion, but one of the comments made me think about an encounter I had recently. The comment to the Terra Nova post was “The only explanation that matters is that although 40 man raids are very enjoyable for the people who do them repeatedly, esp later content such as Naxx etc. They just don’t make any money.”

My encounter involves being inspected by a lower-level character while waiting for a boat.

“How much money do you have?” he asked.

“That’s quite a personal, and probably rude, question.”

“I’m just asking because you have all epixx.”

This is why we play

One of the blogs that I read on a daily basis is Bannable Offenses. Yes, it’s FFXI rather than WoW, but it’s very funny, and you know the WoW GMs say the same thing about us, their customers. Today he had a rather gorgeous piece entitled “Why” – you should check it out.

“This game is about more than just winning. It’s about trying new things and reaching new levels. It’s about getting to the next place or the next story, the next quest or the next mission. It’s about being part of a game rather than just playing it.”

Lovely…says it all.

So with that, I bid WoW farewell.

I’ve finally decided to make the break. At the end of October my current pre-paid card runs out. This time it really does look like the break is going to be forever.

Transfer Blues

So, it seems the cooldown on paid transfers has been reduced to one month from the previous six months. (Causing all kinds of debate on the forums.) I, however, am personally very glad that Blizzard made that decision.

Have you ever transferred a character to another server for all the right reasons, after doing tons of research, after thinking through every possible consequence…and then regretted it? That is the situation that I am presently in.

DING 60…She’s Done

I’ve written before about raiding and raid guilds. I enjoy raiding (yes, wiping on bosses that you still don’t have a strategy for gets tiresome, but overall I enjoy it). What I don’t enjoy anymore is my level 60 warlock. It seems as soon as she hit level 60 she became a raiding machine, and I wasn’t interested in her anymore. I never play her for fun, and since I can’t bear the thought of rep grinding, I only bring her out for raids. As soon as the raid is over, I say my goodbyes and log onto one of my alts, whom I enjoy very much. They’re still growing, and I don’t think of them as “done”.

What does this mean, when inevitably you reach the end? Are all the alts I love destined to be “done”?

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