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Video :: WoW Insider – Cataclysm Beta: Worgen Emotes and Backflip

The folks over at WoW Insider took this fantastic video which shows some of the new Worgen emotes, gestures, and animations from the latest iteratio nof the Cataclysm beta. Things look to be shaping up really well, and the emotes for the Worgen – males anyway – seem to be either near complete or extremely close.

Sadly, Worgen females aren’t fully implemented yet, so no similar video for them, but with people bantering about a potential release date, it’s likely they’ll be coming soon. In the interim though, this is a fabulous look at what you can expect as far as the way the new race plays when you finish your install of the expansion and roll your first Worgen. Because I know you will.

Video :: How to Tell if Your Guild is Bad

I have to thank the folks at for this one, it’s probably the most succinct way of telling whether your guild is worth your time or not.

Although maybe it should really be titled how to tell if that person in your guild is bad, as opposed to the whole guild. Even some guilds I’ve been in and loved had a few people who were like that. The real tell if they’re bad is if they start arguing with you when you say “get out of the fire.” Yeah, I have a couple of guildies right now who’ll do that. And then complain when they don’t get loot.

Head over to YouTube to watch in higher quality!

Video :: A Holy Paladin’s Guide to Winning AV

This one’s an oldie but a goodie – it was up on YouTube for a long time, and then got taken down when the publisher’s account was suspended for another reason, much to my own dismay. Now it’s back, and even though it’s in pretty awful quality, it’s hilarious enough to watch and follow along with the audio.

If you’ve ever played Alterac Valley, you’re more than familiar with the layout and the terrain and exactly what’s going on here, but if you’ve never played AV as a holy paladin, here’s exactly how you do it:

You consecrate, and then you heal yourself!

Video:: ROFLBear Episode 10 – U Face Jaraxxus

Unfortunately I can’t embed this gem here as much as I really wish I could, but trust me, it’s hilarious, and while the ROFLBear series of videos from MyndFlame (the folks behind Illegal Danish) is pretty off and on, this one is on, oh – it’s definitely on. U Face Jaraxxus is probably one of the best, most cracked out WoW videos I’ve ever seen, and I say all of those things with the most loving possible meaning behind them. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Music of Cataclysm – The Shattering

This isn’t a video in the strictest sense: there’s no need to full-screen and pay attention to every detail here, but you should definitely push play and put your headphones on and get ready for something amazing. The orchestral opening for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is nothing short of stunningly beautiful, and has multiple homages to the music and themes for both vanilla WoW, The Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King all rolled into it. It’s absolutely fantastic.

The music you’re hearing will likely be the login screen music as well – which means if you’re willing to sit at the login prompt for as long as it takes to hear the entire piece, you probably can, but it’s likely there’ll be environmental sounds as well – this is the music they’re using for beta logins, and if it’s any indication it’s a fantastic example of the music we have to look forward to when the game is released. The music of World of Warcraft has always been a highlight of the game, and this is no exception.

Video :: The Maelstrom – Now with More Epicness

I have to hand it to the folks at for this one – they turned up a video of the freakin’ undead playing a guitar while riding a freakin’ raptor riding a freakin’ rocket shark with freakin’ lasers mentioned last week as the epitome of epic-ness, and the video does not dissapoint.

In fact, perhaps the only thing that could make the whole thing more epic is if the rocket laser shark raptor axe wielding undead blew the viewer out of the sky for daring to approach them. Even without that happening though, this is more than epic enough for me.

Not epic enough for you? Head over to YouTube to watch it in full wide-screen glory!

DeathWing Whelp: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition Pet?

The fine folks at MMO Champion found this one – a video of a yet-unreleased and unavailable Deathwing Whelp (Death Whelp?) that, if tradition persists, will likely be the Collector’s Edition pet for Cataclysm when it’s released, likely later this year.

The Collector’s Edition for vanilla WoW had your selection of a Zergling, a Panda, or a mini-Diablo, for Burning Crusade you got a Netherwhelp, and for Wrath of the Lich King you got a Frost Whelp. It makes sense that this would be the colllector’s edition pet this time around.

Over at the World of Warcraft Livejournal Community there was some heated discussion about this just being another whelp pet to lure people into buying the Collector’s Editions, and that Blizzard should return to the way it handled the original World of Warcraft launch and give people a selection of multiple pets. What do you think? Is the Netherwhelp enough to make you want to pick up the Collector’s Edition, or will you give it a pass unless there’s something in there better than this? Leave us a comment!

Video: I’ve Been Everywhere

I can blame this one on as well, although I don’t particularly want to – this little I’ve Been Everywhere parody featuring locations in World of Warcraft is particularly interesting and heartwarming because after all, when Cataclysm hits, it’ll all be completely different from what we see in this video.

The best part is that – well, I don’t want to spoil the very end, but it’s particularly gratifying, and yes indeed – he has been everywhere. Head over to YouTube to watch in it’s full glory!

Video: Cataclysm Hunter Sneak Peek


I admit I’m a bit biased here because my main is a hunter, and I also admit that I’m biased because I haven’t gotten into the Cataclysm beta yet, but this video preview from Frostheim (originally posted at his hunter column) had me all but salivating for the changes we’ll see coming in Cataclysm.

The changes to the stable interface and some of the new animals you can tame are great, I really dig the new pet “stay” command (especially since I’m known for pet sniping in PVP), but above all else? Flying in Ironforge, kids. It’s so on.

Video :: Cataclysm Spoiler :: Garrosh and Vol’Jin Have a Chat

Well, since the only responses I’ve seen both here and on Twitter (you can follow me @halophoenix) to the topic of spoilers is that you want to keep them coming – as long as they’re avoidable, like hiding videos and screenshots under a cut and so forth – I’m going to go ahead and post one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen from Cataclysm so far: a little discussion between Garrosh and Vol’Jin that you get to see in the new troll starting area.

Click the jump to see the video and see my thoughts, but fair warnings, spoilers abound beneath that link!


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