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Grab a Brewfest T-Shirt from Jinx!


If you haven’t noticed, Brewfest is in full swing, and you should be out there getting prize tickets and racing rams if you want to get your hands on a Violet Proto-Drake, or just want to be a part of the action.

But don’t just settle for celebrating Brewfest in-game, get in on the action in real life with’s Brewfest t-shirt! (available in men’s and women’s sizes, too!) Jinx owns the rights to market Blizzard-approved official World of Warcraft merchandise, so you’ll find all of your official WoW-gear there, but they just released this gorgeous Brewfest tee just in time for the event. If you hurry, you can order now and have your t-shirt in time to finish the holiday!

Yarr! Get ye Pirate Achievement Today!


Yarr! Today’s the day! International Talk Like a Pirate day, ye landlubbers! Raise yer mug o’ grog and swallow it down like a real pirate!

If you’re in-game today, make sure to talk to one of the commoners dressed like pirates anywhere in any of the major cities today to get yourself a swanky pirate costumes like the one I’m wearing above! Then get yeself down to Booty Bay and chat with Dread Captain Demeza and share a drink with her to become a member of her crew! She’s standing on the roof of the bank and her crew is accepting all comers for Pirate’s Day!

All it takes is one drink and YARR! The booty be yours:


Quick, easy, fun, and worth prancing around in costume and talking to the nearby NPCs to find out what they think of the event! And don’t forget, Brewfest starts tomorrow! Has Your Guide to the Midsummer Fire Festival!


It’s no secret that the Midsummer Fire Festival is my favorite in-game holiday. There’s something about celebrating the solstice, the beginning of summer, and well…fire, that makes me incredibly happy. Traveling from bonfire to bonfire, stamping out the opposing faction’s fires and lighting up my own – it’s a lot of world-traveling fun. The trick though is that every year you wind up traveling the Azerothian globe for hours looking for flames, and it can be even worse if they’ve been moved from the previous year.

This year, with the launch of Wrath, introduces a number of Northrend fires as well, and a number of dungeon fires that will likely be difficult to get to. So who do you turn to when you need all the best information about the Fire Festival?

WoWGrrl, of course! (PS – follow her exploits on Twitter at @wowgrrl – folks like me whose guilds are too small for endgame raiding can only live vicariously through her adventures!) She posted her Midsummer Festival Guide and Bonfire Locations yesterday, and it’s been my resource for where to go and how to get everything done – she has all the links to the necessary pages in one place for easy bookmarking! The tip on earning extra experience doesn’t hurt either.

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