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Curse you Pally Bubble!

Timelost Lost by Coffin Comics

"Timelost Lost" - Coffin Comics

While checking out yesterday I came across Coffin Comics’ “Timelost Lost” comic and had myself a good laugh, like I hope you will.

I then took the opportunity to participate in my first Wintergrasp on my finally level 78 druid. There is truly nothing more frustrating than dishing out some insane DPS and seeing “Immune” flash across your screen because some lame Paladin couldn’t take their beating like a real plate class. I mean, I only had 10 Tenacity. My Starfall wasn’t dishing out that much damage. Alright, so okay, I killed quite the handful of other people around, just not the Paladin.

I don’t hate Pallys, mind you. I want to level one at some point. Maybe. One day. I just wish I could stop them from using the omg-wtf-Pally-bubble. Just once.

Questionable Content: No Tips for Alliance Scum!

The venerable Jeph Jacques, author and artist of the Webcomic Questionable Content penned this masterpiece above (click to go see the strip in all of its glory) yesterday – I read it from bed (because he announces new comics at Twitter the moment they go up) and giggled my way to sleep. You’ll love it too.

Although I love me some Marigold (the female character) I gotta admit, my main is alliance too. Guess that shows you – you wanna pick up Warcraft-playing ladies, you’d better be rollin’ Horde-side.

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