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The Deadliest Rabbit

Over at the World of Warcraft Livejournal Community, frequent poster and all-around awesome news source Tchernobyl had a couple of interesting sights to share – one of which was the bunny above, which is all kinds of ready to throw down with anyone who might think to pick a fight with him.

It’s not the only thing he noted either – there’s a mouse in there wearing someone’s skull and carrying a pair of shotguns, too.

Yeah, I don’t understand either. But what I do know is that that right there is a rabbit you don’t want to mess with. He may very well be the Omega Hare.

Video :: Literal World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Trailer

This is hilarity. It’s a little cheesy, sure, but it’s also fantastic – especially for those of us who have seen the trailer a couple of times. I give you, the LITERAL Cataclysm trailer, complete with subtitles. Enjoy!

Blizzard Adds “Red-Shirted Fact Checker” to Cataclysm Beta!

Remember this guy? Well, thanks to a post over at GeekGirlDiva we learned that Blizzard meant it when they said they would fix that little problem – and then some.

Looks like he’s new in the beta, but the “Red-Shirted Fact Checker” is now standing right next to Falsted Wildhammer, who’s now in Ironforge. Looks like the screenshot above was taken from the horde perspective…I wonder what he says when you click on him if you’re alliance.

Video :: Blizzcon 2010 – The Nerdiest Question Ever

Okay, even I’m not enough of a lore freak to have paid attention to this much detail from the books and the game combined, but holy wow this guy is, and this guy has. He has probably the singular most incredibly nerdy (and I really do mean that in a good way) question to ask that I’ve ever seen at a convention or in a panel, and well…you can see the results. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Originally over at Buzzfeed.

Video :: How to Tell if Your Guild is Bad

I have to thank the folks at for this one, it’s probably the most succinct way of telling whether your guild is worth your time or not.

Although maybe it should really be titled how to tell if that person in your guild is bad, as opposed to the whole guild. Even some guilds I’ve been in and loved had a few people who were like that. The real tell if they’re bad is if they start arguing with you when you say “get out of the fire.” Yeah, I have a couple of guildies right now who’ll do that. And then complain when they don’t get loot.

Head over to YouTube to watch in higher quality!

Video :: A Holy Paladin’s Guide to Winning AV

This one’s an oldie but a goodie – it was up on YouTube for a long time, and then got taken down when the publisher’s account was suspended for another reason, much to my own dismay. Now it’s back, and even though it’s in pretty awful quality, it’s hilarious enough to watch and follow along with the audio.

If you’ve ever played Alterac Valley, you’re more than familiar with the layout and the terrain and exactly what’s going on here, but if you’ve never played AV as a holy paladin, here’s exactly how you do it:

You consecrate, and then you heal yourself!

Look at me, peasant.

Look at me, peasant!

It is no surprise that Blizzard puts all sorts of cool stuff into questlines thoughout the game. Or that they always seem to have the best sense of humor when it comes to aspects of pop culture they do include within the game.

Many of you have at least heard of the newer  Old Spice ads.

Now Blizzard has brought the two together! Not only that they’ve always poked fun at their own sparkle pony!

Video:: ROFLBear Episode 10 – U Face Jaraxxus

Unfortunately I can’t embed this gem here as much as I really wish I could, but trust me, it’s hilarious, and while the ROFLBear series of videos from MyndFlame (the folks behind Illegal Danish) is pretty off and on, this one is on, oh – it’s definitely on. U Face Jaraxxus is probably one of the best, most cracked out WoW videos I’ve ever seen, and I say all of those things with the most loving possible meaning behind them. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Video :: The Maelstrom – Now with More Epicness

I have to hand it to the folks at for this one – they turned up a video of the freakin’ undead playing a guitar while riding a freakin’ raptor riding a freakin’ rocket shark with freakin’ lasers mentioned last week as the epitome of epic-ness, and the video does not dissapoint.

In fact, perhaps the only thing that could make the whole thing more epic is if the rocket laser shark raptor axe wielding undead blew the viewer out of the sky for daring to approach them. Even without that happening though, this is more than epic enough for me.

Not epic enough for you? Head over to YouTube to watch it in full wide-screen glory!

The Epitome of Epic-Ness

Yes folks, that’s a freakin’ undead riding a freakin’ raptor riding a freakin’ rocket shark with freakin’ lasers. Click the image above to embiggen and get yourself a new wallpaper.

I’m done – that’s the most epic thing I think I can possibly see.

And it all came out of a forum thread where some random person started whining about the Maelstrom not being “epic” enough for them in the Cataclysm beta. The poster complained:

What I meant was, I thought Deathwing was supposed to have bursted through the crust on Eastern Kingdoms. Then it turns out he came out through the Maelstrom?
I would expect the Maelstrom to be a far more epic place than it is currently, at the very least significantly larger than what it is. I mean–you have to consider it’s large enough to score its own spot on every map of Azeroth….
Not to mention…flying into the Maelstrom…really?…..I mean…….

He actually managed to get a blue post about this from Valnoth, a Lead World Designer at Blizzard working on the changes coming to Azeroth, who said this:

Maybe I missed the memo on levels of “epicosity” or something, but I’m pretty sure the Maelstrom is a CLASS 10 epic zone. Though I guess it is missing sharks with laser beams patrolling the waters and Arthur Fonzarelli jumping across it with water skis. And dinosaurs.

What’s beautiful about this is that he could have just left it there. But no, oh no – he didn’t. He decided to take it up a notch, and came back later with this gem:

After reading this post I called for a meeting with TOP TOP MEN (that’s two tops) in order to figure out a solution to the problem at hand. Frankly, I think we hit a home run. The next 4.0 build (or the one after) should have a Maelstrom that’s between 10 – 50x more epic than what currently exists.

Buckle yourselves into your computer chairs or face being blown away!

That’s right – the result is what you have above. The collaboration between these fine developers and designers, some TOP TOP MEN (damn right) who truly know what is and is not epic. And that, my friends, is epic.

Thanks to the World of Warcraft Livejournal Community for the scoop! ….and the new wallpaper.

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