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The Midsummer Fire Festival is Here!

Midsummer Fire Festival - Courtesy Flickr User: Ulalume

Yesterday marked the beginning of what I’ve mentioned before is my favorite in-game holiday in the World of Warcraft, the Midsummer Fire Festival. There’s just something about riding around on your mount or flying around Outlands and putting out fires and honoring other fires and collecting blossoms and everything that I just love.

Or it could just be that I like fiery things, who knows. But it also plays into why I tend to love the Lunar Festival so much too, because it involves much of the same activities. Still, the Fire Festival is here and in full swing, and the loot table has changed up a bit this year – the Scorchling is gone this year, and in its place is the Frigid Frostling.

Speaking of such things, Ahune’s loot table has been changed up, and now that holiday dungeons are included in the Dungeon Finder, there’s no reason for you to not get out there and pick up some of his sweet new gear from his recently uplifted loot table.

Are you angling for some new gear, or do you already have your Flame Keeper/Flame Warden title and pet? Are you going to be collecting blossoms, maybe on an alt this time around? Let us know in the comments!

Love Is In The Air in Azeroth


It’s official, love is in the air in Azeroth! The event started on Sunday, so if you haven’t completed the meta achievement and you’re interested in getting your Violet Proto-Drake for What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, you’d better get cracking on collecting love tokens and downing the nefarious Apothecary Hummel (who drops a mount!)

Among some of the new gear hotness this year is the above – a hot love rocket – the rare mount that you can pick up during the holiday event. Also among some of the new loot this year? A head item that’s essentially a red rose you wear in your teeth.

You heard me right. All the ladies (and the gentlemen, for that matter) will love you with a rose in your teeth!

For those of you already making the rounds, how are the new achievements going for you? For those folks who killed themselves trying to collect the right candies and such last year, are you even giving this year’s a try or are you skipping it entirely? Share your experiences in the comments!

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