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Get Lich or Die Tryin’


The best thing about Get Lich or Die Tryin isn’t just the awesome rap, or the hilarious color commentary, or the fantastic call-out of Twilight, but actually, for me, the best part is the gratuitous use of an old Scooter track called Cold as Ice!

(which itself is a sampling of an older dancefloor track by a band called StarSplash, called Cold as Ice, which of course all of this is a cover of the 1977 Foriegner song of the same name, Cold as Ice. But ANYWAY!)

Seriously though, since our days of dealing with Arthas as the primary villain are winding down, this is a great way to pay a little respect to the big bad dude who’s been making our lives difficult since we washed up on the shores of Northrend. We love you, big guy. Now give us some loot – like those T-shirts your boys are wearing!

[Spoiler Alert] Fall of the Lich King Cinematic Unveiled – (Working Video)


I’m the type of person who loves to spoiler myself on things like this, but I absolutely hate spoilering other people – so if you’re not interested in finding out what happens when we eventually confront Arthas in Icecrown Citadel and what happens with him and other major figures up to this point, stop reading now!

Seriously, the video of the cinematic is after the jump. DO NOT CLICK if you don’t want to be spoilered. If you do want to be spoilered however, please, by all means, read on.


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