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Couples that Raid Together Stay Together!

Over at, I found one of the most adorable and sweet posts I’ve ever seen in my life: Breakfast Topic: Things my wife and I have done in WoW – Matthew Rossi, one of my favorite authors at, outlines how it was actually his wife that introduced him to (which was WoW Insider at the time) and that he plays WoW with.

I can echo the sentiment – the lovely lady I’m seeing also plays WoW, and while we used to play on the same server, she left for a more interesting place for the way she plays and I hung around mostly because I liked the raiding I was doing at the time. Both of us have been away from the game for a while, but it’s hard to imagine that she got started in the game when I had just signed up for an account back in the vanilla days and I bought her a copy for Valentine’s Day of all days, because she really wanted to play it.

Between Rossi and I, we’re proof positive that couples that raid together stay together – that is to say, if you share interests and likes and dislikes with your partner, you’re likely to stick together through the hard times, even if it doesn’t always seem so.

So what about you? Does your significant other play WoW? Do you think they ever would, or would you try to get them into the game? Let us know in the comments!

Battle.Net Matchmaking: Find Someone to Pwn N00bs With

Blizzard knows its fans and customers well, and has unviled a new social tool to help us all get to know each other a little better. Now, as well as being able to match up people to play against one another in multiplayer games like Starcraft and Warcraft III, Matchmaking can match you up with someone to raid with…in real life.

Remember folks, the couple that raids together stays together, and Blizzard has plans to help us all find happiness. Just select who you’re looking for from the drop down menus like so:

And then click to find a match for you! The site will churn a bit (this is the best part) like this:

And…well….I’ve never waited through the search. Clearly I’m just impatient, since the video on the page proves that there have been many happy results! Give it a try and let us know if matchmaking has helped you find love in the comments!

Love Is In The Air in Azeroth


It’s official, love is in the air in Azeroth! The event started on Sunday, so if you haven’t completed the meta achievement and you’re interested in getting your Violet Proto-Drake for What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, you’d better get cracking on collecting love tokens and downing the nefarious Apothecary Hummel (who drops a mount!)

Among some of the new gear hotness this year is the above – a hot love rocket – the rare mount that you can pick up during the holiday event. Also among some of the new loot this year? A head item that’s essentially a red rose you wear in your teeth.

You heard me right. All the ladies (and the gentlemen, for that matter) will love you with a rose in your teeth!

For those of you already making the rounds, how are the new achievements going for you? For those folks who killed themselves trying to collect the right candies and such last year, are you even giving this year’s a try or are you skipping it entirely? Share your experiences in the comments!

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