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Video :: Stacy’s Mom

How have I never seen this before? I can’t tell you if we’ve covered it here before, but I stumbled on it again this week and had to share it. At this point I think everyone’s familiar with the Fountains of Wayne song Stacy’s Mom even if they’re not familiar with the band – and you should be, they’re pretty good.

The whole video is pretty much hilarious, and a really tolerable way to listen to the song if you’ve been worn out on it. Enjoy!

Video :: WoW Horders (Hoarders Parody)

You know, I don’t want to get into the habit of posting one person’s videos every time they’re released, but this parody of the hit television show Hoarders by the one and only WoWCrendor deserves as much love as it can possibly get on the Web.

If you’ve ever watched Hoarders, you’ll understand why this is so funny. And you’ll have the inexplicable urge to go clean out your character’s bank. Or at least roll a bank alt to keep all the crap.

Video :: Aquaman’s Lament

The beauty of this video isn’t in any one thing about it, but the entire thing and the way the whole thing comes together. The video is amazing, and when I learned (in the credits) that the video had been entered into the Blizzcon 2010 Machinima Contest and didn’t even make the finals, I was horrified. It’s amazing, and deserves more attention.

The song itself is fantastic, and the video – even if you had no idea who the characters were and they were all standing around – are colored and chosen so well that it’s absolutely clear who’s who.

Anyway, even though I’m waxing rhapsodic about the way the video was made, the actual video itself is hilarious too – especially Aquaman going to town on one of Luthor’s bad guys with a fish; that was pretty awesome. Enjoy!

Video :: Mafioso Swing and I Am Forsaken

This video, Mafioso Swing, was first-runner up in the Blizzcon 2010 Machinima Contest. This is the video that a number of people think should have won and taken the first place prize. I have to admit, it’s a pretty hilarious musical number, and probably one of the first great videos we’ve seen that feature the Goblins in all of their animated glory.

The video previously mentioned, The Rocket of Love, took the Grand Prize in the Blizzcon 2010 Machinima Contest. This video, I Am Forsaken was the second runner up. The story is pretty typical as these videos go, a once human finds himself in tragic circumstances and eventually winds up on the other side of the line as an undead. Still – the way the machinima was made is brilliant and the video looks stunning. It’s no wonder most people I’ve seen think this video should have taken top prize – it’s heartfelt and evocative.

Video :: The Rocket of Love

This little video above took grand prize in the 2010 Blizzcon Machinima Contest!

It’s a cute little story of a gnome who wakes up one morning, walks to his window, and see the most lovely sight he ever could possibly see…and then hilarity ensues.

I have to hand it to Mushanga, the creator of the video, for taking home the grand prize – a lot of people have complained that the other entries were better, and we’ll see as I post those over the coming days – but sometimes there’s something to be said for simplicity, elegance, lack of flare and false flask, and…well…gnomes. Enjoy!

Video:: ROFLBear Episode 10 – U Face Jaraxxus

Unfortunately I can’t embed this gem here as much as I really wish I could, but trust me, it’s hilarious, and while the ROFLBear series of videos from MyndFlame (the folks behind Illegal Danish) is pretty off and on, this one is on, oh – it’s definitely on. U Face Jaraxxus is probably one of the best, most cracked out WoW videos I’ve ever seen, and I say all of those things with the most loving possible meaning behind them. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Video: WarLock (Tik Tok Machinima Parody)


My Warlock is entirely too small for me to really really get the old ‘Lock nostalgia (remember when Warlocks were all but the class to have, especially in PVP?) but putting the parody to the tune of the ridiculously infectious Ke$ha song, Tik Tok, is absolutely perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, the video is hilarious enough, but it’s a pretty well done machinima in and of itself, and watching it, regardless of what you think of the song, does make me want to log in and level my baby warlock a bit.

Poor druids – everyone thinks their HoTs need to be nerfed, even locks.

Video: Pulp-Fiction Trailer – World of Warcraft Style


This is fabulous. I adore Pulp Fiction, and the trailer brings back amazing memories, but one of the best things about this machinima parody trailer that I love is how well timed and well put together the entire video is. And how much it makes me want the actual movie done just like this.

Want to blow this up? Head over to YouTube to see it in all its glory.

Video: Welcome to the Deadmines


If you haven’t heard by now, Cataclysm will bring a new, retooled, and upgraded Deadmines, along with a heroic version for your high-end dungeon fun. What’s what you say? You’ve never actually BEEN in the Deadmines?

Well then, thanks to this video from xcrosspictures, which also happened to be the winner of the World of Warcraft Movie Contest: Rise to Power in the EU, takes us back into the Deadmines for a musical tour with Edwin VanCleef and all of his minions so you can see exactly what we’re getting into.

Seriously, my favorite was Mr. Smite. See the video over at YouTube here!

Video: World of Gnomecraft 2.0


One of these days I’ll get back to posting content and not more video, but I keep seeing awesome video that I think is worth sharing. This one was, as many of them are, a find of the folks at, and follows the course of gnomes as they plot to take their rightful place not only in the Alliance, but in all of Azeroth.

Using their superior technology and…fighting…skills…they….. okay I just can’t deal with it anymore. Sure the gnomes are the protagonists here, but as cool as it is, I can’t help but giggle when the gnomes start taking over. In any event, the animation is superb, the music is great, and you really do get a feeling of how epic the whole scenario is. I definitely saw some cues and homages to Battlestar Galactica in here, too. Check out the whole video over at YouTube here if the embedded player doesn’t suit your fancy!

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